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Over the night I only had two people in my 16 bed hostel!  That was great, got up early and went to the Anne Frank House before really everyone else.  It was great to actually be there early because when I was done there was a line through that was at least 40 minutes long.  I enjoeyed the museum.  I have to say it is pretty crazy viewing the way people were forced to live.  I was kind of sadden by it of course, very good experience.  After I was done with the museam, I need to do something else, it was either a bike tour or boat tour.  The one thing about Amsterdam is that they like 10 million bikes that chained to anything that is immobilized.  I think there probably more bikes then people...  It started to rain so I decided that the boat tour would be best.  WORST idea, it was do boring and have to say I almost feel asleep, the only thing that kept me awake was that I spend 12 Euro on it.  After I was finished, with that, i had to go back to the hostel and get my documents for travel to book a train for tomorrow.  So I found out that it did not require a reservation and I just needed to show my ticket!  Excellent, after that I was kind of open for the evening, so I decided to have a great dinner, since i found there are tons of Argentians there, I sat down for dinner.  I had a steak with Frites (fries) and salad.  The steak was ok, but I tell you the one that my roommate and I cook are still the best so far.  I finished that and decided to have dessert from this vender, it was a dutch donut, and dutch apple something or other.  Reminded me of empanadas.  I then went into the internet cafe and did research for Berlin and talked to the family for a while.  Since it was the day after thanksgiving, they were just chillen.  I also journaled tons I think almost 3,5 hours doing that.  That was fine with me!  I went back to the hostel and repacked my stuff, had a beer in the hostel.  I noticed that alot of the people that were at my hostel where stoners, which was unattractive and I just did not enjoy it.  About 3 am the that morning all 16 beds were full.  UGH.  I did not like that at all.  So many people.  thankfully I was waking early so no need for worry about 16 people to ONE shower. 
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The train ride into Amsterdam took me up until 3 in the afternoon.  Once I arrived, I did two things, bought transportation for 48 hours and then find a hostel!  I had not booked one yet but I know I can find one.  So I got onto a Tram and went.  I wanted to learn the city.  This is the part that I find the hardest is learning the city as fast as I can then doing everything that I want to.  It is the most taxing but it also makes me work for what I want to do.  At this point I am refusing the tourist traps but you know how that goes.  I got off one tram because it was at its end  and then got on another.  This one took me back towards the train station.  I went down this street and found Bob's Youth hostel.  I took it.  I went in and paid 44 Euro for the next two nights.  The thing though is its 16 beds per room. By far the most that I have had thus far.  Oh well it will be an experience.  I then focused on getting my clothes cleaned.  Dublin was the last place that I did my laundry.  I had no clothes for tomorrow!  So I asked around and found a place that would do my bag of laundry for 8 euro 50.  I had to pick it up by 7.  So after that I just walked around, found a place that offered waffles with whip cream and sugar, tasty.  Then had dinner, which was a fallfle and frites (fries).  No mayo, tomato ketchup please!  Then walked around to see what the night life had to offer, went back picked up my clothes, took them back to my room repacked my bag.  At this point it was kind of late and seemed that mostly everyone was off the streets by 8.  So I decided to stay in at the hostel and have few drinks.  A Heinken was only 1.25 I will take 4 please!  By that point I was pretty tipsy!

I meet this Canadian kat, who was going around for a while and then to Thialand and then australia.  We talked for a bit and decided to go out.  We left and we went towards the Red Light District.  I have to say this experience was for me to see.   But I guess its just not for me at all!  I looked around, of course beautiful women but the fun had been taken away.  So after that we headed back to the hostel.  By this time it was around 1 in the morning.  We went to bed.

photo by: pearcetoyou