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The Team!

Fifteen months ago... Lets go to Iceland someday...
Today, two more days before I fly to Iceland!

Fifteen months went fast! I never planned a trip so far in advance, but this is a once in a lifetime trip I don't wanna miss. Much more time than expected went into planning and organising this adventure for 13 people. Hotels, cars, activities, gear, etc... But it is so worth it.

I'm really excited! Finally I will meet Lauro. It was his dream to go to Iceland and I helped him getting every thing together. We're a great team, even though we haven't met in real life yet! A few more days...
I've only met a few others and that were great times: Janja, Wilmke, Lieke, Mike, Matthew and Ashish. Looking forward to meet every one again or for the first time.

There were a lot of changes in the team. First Ben, then Fernando, and then Bas were not able to join the team after they signed up because of stupid bosses or personal circumstances. Luckily we got some great people to fill in their spots.

The copy cats ;-)
This is the new team that IS going to Iceland in a few days:
Lauro, Janja, Wilmke, Mike, Matthew, Matt, David, Lieke, Amber, RJ, ErikJeff and I.

In the mean time there was Dave who was desperate to join us. Unfortunately we didn't had any spots at that time. So he decided to get his own team and copy cat our trip. We'll be driving together, staying at the same places and hang out and have as much as possible fun! In his team are Ashish, Mark and Ian.
Iceland, be ready for a crazy bunch of Travbuddies!! We're gonna invade this beautiful and amazing island, just kilometers below the pole circle.

So all together, 17 Travbuddies will conquer Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice. At the moment the weather forcast is not too promising. The ring road in the south is flooded and it doesn't seem to stop raining in the next few days... So much for Fire and Ice... Lets pray to the weather gods!!! Geologist do expect more vulcanos to errupt in the next period of time...
We have a few tents, but most people will sleep under a tarp or in the cars... Cooking on a fire and hopefully we stay dry during the nights...

We'll be leaving Reykjavik on Saturday the 2nd of October. 8 Days of driving to see as much as possible from Iceland. If the weather is oke, we'll be able to see everything. Every vulcano, lake, waterfall, natural wonder, geysirs and what not!
October 9th is the day we'll come back to Reykjavik. Time for a hot shower, nice clothes and good food. If you still have time and money, join us with the meet up at October 9th and 10th. We do a city tour in Reykjavik, have dinner and party and the next day we go to the Blue Lagoon (thermal baths). At the moment another 10 people are joining us after the road trip. 27 Travbuddies will go crazy in Reykjavik!!!

At the moment I'm packing my bags... Too much stuff. A huge tarp, a few stoves, winter clothes, other gear... Lots of food: I've got instant mashed potatoes, hotdogs, goulash, boerenkool stampot (typical dutch winter food), loads of instant tomato soup, cookies and chocolat mousse! All ready to eat after heating it or adding water. Simple as!

Today I got my new camera batteries. Tomorrow I will buy a book so I don't get bored on the flight, charge all my batteries, double check if I got every thing I need...
Two more nights is a real good bed... After that it's primitive for a while! I love it! So excited!!! Yeah!

lauro says:
he should brush his teeth first! im picky! lol hahahahaha
Posted on: Sep 28, 2010
Globevoyager says:
Every girl and you :p ;-)
Posted on: Sep 28, 2010
lauro says:
arghhh dont forget the erik will kiss every girl in the trip :P LOL hahaahhahaa
Posted on: Sep 28, 2010
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The Team!
The Team!
The copy cats ;-)
The copy cats ;-)
photo by: Haselager