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Waking up again! What a crazy fun last night! And what a mess! Cleaning up, breaking down the tarp and tents, and checking if Matt was still alive. Waking up with still his shoes on and a horrible hangover, he managed to get back up on his feet. We were only ten minutes away from Egilsstadir where we would stay for the night in a motel. I called the owner to double check if it was oké to arrive at 10.30am. No worries!

The owner was a nice guy. He showed us the rooms and a project he was working on, a big wooden tipi. By accident there was some miscommunication between Dave and the owner about his booking for four. Luckily he had some spare beds that fitted in the rooms we had. Nice and clean place and worth the money (at least for the deal we got).
Today was gonna be a lazy day. Time for a hot shower, playing games, checking emails at a community centre, shoppings for some food. Some guys went out for a drive with the Lada and Landrover. They didn't got far. Erik parked the Landrover on some rocks and they needed some time to solve the problem. When I drove the Landrover after they got back, all the seat were soaking wet... They had left the doors open when it rained... Nice...

Dinner time and more games! I introduced the drinking game Mex. All you need is two dices. You throw one, two or three times. The person with the lowest points drinks... We played for hours, while other played cards in a different room. Later on we played the bottle of truth. I got a massage from Erik and Dave at the same time (very nice!) This was part of an agreement we made at the beginning of the week when we were still in Reykjavik.
RJ was threatened by Icelanders. I would protect him. I order to do so, Dave would massage me. And RJ was going to get Amber drunk... It never completely worked out that way hahahahahaa lol
Next door Jeff got really drunk and couldn't find the bathroom in time...

RJ82 says:
hahah fun night!
Posted on: Oct 15, 2010
ashishrb says:
74euro + $54 pee and pee jokes for the rest of the trip FTW!!
Posted on: Oct 14, 2010
KeikoCreative says:
Gosh RJ threaten by icelanders LMAO:P
Posted on: Oct 14, 2010
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