October 1st, time to meet Lauro and the other TB's :-)

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Waking up with a sore neck from a shitty pillow, feeling happy because two of my best friends are on this trip with me and hearing a lot of noice down stairs in the hotel, was just great!
I got all excited, dressed quickly and run down the stairs to see who arrived "early" (8.15am) morning. David, Dave, RJ, Jeff and Ian. A good start of the day! Awesome to meet more people!
Unfortunately Mark missed his flight by one minute, so he wouldn't arrive before the next morning. And Davids luggage had gone missing somewhere between the US and Iceland. But it would arrive before we start the roadtrip on the next day.

Having breakfast I heard a man yelling: "Who is the leader of this pack???!!!" I was like, oh no: he is gonna kill me.

The booking I made was the most complicated deal he had ever had in his 35 year carreer at this hotel... It wasn't that complicated at all, but alright... So we confirmed the deal we had. But before that I had to make sure that the guys who just arrived wouldn't eat any thing of the breakfast. Nice meeting you, sir! Aaarghh! Than, he couldn't stop talking about whatever came up in his mind. It was terrible... He yelled at us, telling us we invaded the place, if we behaved like that at home... WTF??? We were just sitting and talking, waiting to get the room keys. So from that moment on he was Mister Gestapo... No one disagreed with me.

Every one got ready, heading to town (less than 10 minutes walk) for a stroll and lunch after visiting some souvenirs shops, a super modern church and some outdoor adventure store to look for gas bottles for our gas cookers.

David forgot the banner, so Amber made a new one

After lunch we went back to the Travel Inn. Some went to bed for nap, other played card for three hours (game called "Frustration" introduced by Wilmke). Time to wait for the rest. Late afternoon Lauro, Lieke, Matthew, Mike, Ashish and Erik arrived! Almost every one here!! Wow!! So great to meet all these Travbuddies.

Dinner in town, some beers in a Danish and English pub, and party in B5. Some people started sharing really personal stories right away. Lauro has a funny way of fishing and Dave had some experience with q-tips... Amber and I went crazy dancing in B5 and had a lot of fun! At 3.30am Matt, Matthew, David, Amber and I got back to have a few hours of sleep.

What a great second day!! Couldn't wish for a better start. Every one is just amazing. Great bunch of people!

lauro says:
sorry i didnt helped you with the hostel guy :D he scared me to death! lol
Posted on: Oct 22, 2010
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David forgot the banner, so Amber …
David forgot the banner, so Amber…
photo by: MadeleineGL