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Quotes of the trip:

RJ: I wanna eat puffin and whale!!!
Erik: I had sex in a bird house (meant to say: a tree house where you watch birds)
Matt: Can I have a bo-le of wa-er please, bri-ish (lazy english...)
Matthew: I need a tea break now!; Brittish people don't lie
Maike: Lets build a pyramid
Jeff: Lets pee on something;  Let's make it interesting, show us a boob Janja!
Mark: It's biodegradeble (about a soccer ball he shoot in the lake)
Amber: Vegan vegan vegan
Wilmke: That's what she said; Welcome
Lauro: Wooooow, OH MY GOD!!!; You Idiot!
Ian: It's lower than a 7 (it was a 9, by the game Fuck the Dealer)
Dave: Phew Phew (his frozen balls shoot icecles...); the q-tip story the first night
Ashish: That crazy m*****f*cker!!!

Help me out!! What were the other quotes??

Scetches made by RJ. All scetches complete now!!

matthew says:
David "Dude it's your mess, mop it up"

Me "I think I'll win this round"

RJ "Did you guys see that white stuff by the side of the road (sheep)"

Posted on: Oct 22, 2010
RJ82 says:
ash " that crazy M@#^$ F#$#%er!"
Posted on: Oct 19, 2010
RJ82 says:
janja - " jeff please dont pee on me"
Posted on: Oct 19, 2010
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