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The Team!

2nd July 2009....
'So I am taking again the chances to find a person, or a group, to share with me, maybe a memorable and unusual experience. I am not asking more as a person, but I needed travbuddies with a great sense and spirit of adventure, who is willing to take chances, against the odds and go beyond to what they are used to. lol ^_^ (I think I'm asking for "more" lol)'

This is a part of the first post on the topic: unusual experience in iceland - roadtrip  written by Lauro. Lauro was looking for people to join him some day to Iceland, the  Land of Fire & Ice. After reading the whole post I was so excited that I really wanted to be a part of this trip. Lauro's idea was road tripping Iceland on a low budget and find some adventure along the way. I really liked that idea and posted a post that I was really interested. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go soon at that time, cause I'm in Australia for a year now.
Other people who were interested didn't had much time this year either.
After a bit of talking on the forum we decided that October 2010 might be the right time! Lots, lots and LOTS of people told us that we shouldn't go in October, that we were crazy to plan a camping trip in that time of the year. Well, they might be right; yes it will be freezing cold, yes the weather might suck, yes there are strong winds and yes there isn't as much daylight as in August...
We stuck with the dates. We had our own interpretations about this situation; yes it will be cold and that's an adventure, yes there might be snow and that's why we're renting 4x4 cars, yes we have a fair chance of seeing the Nothern Lights and yes it's way cheaper in October than in summer time...

I offered Lauro to give him some help in organizing this trip. He got us all really enthusiastic after he showed us a rough iternerary with some pics! A few people decided to sign up as a confirmed and within a few weeks we had to create a back up list! Lauro and I decided that we should keep the group 'small' to keep it all in control. It's never a great plan to have too many people on trips like this one. The lucky number of people is 13!

It's almost 4 months ago that Lauro started talking about this trip on the forum. Lots of things happend since than. The dates are set (1-10 October 2010), we made a precise iternerary (8 days for the drive and a day before and a day after the drive), found and booked an ice climbing hike, car rental is almost sorted out, people are looking for flights to Iceland and the lucky 13 are set.

Let me introduce to you the magnificent group that's going to road trip Iceland next year:
Lauro, Wilmke, Janja, Lieke, Mike, Matthew, Matt, Amber, David, Ben, RJ, Fernando and myself.
If you like to know a bit more about these great people, you should read the really nice and well-written insights from Lauro in his travelblog about Iceland!

The trip is almost planned, 95% is filled in. The last things to sort out are details for the car rental (roofbox yes or no...), camping gear (so we have a least one hot meal a day), hotel in Reykjavic and a hotel for one night in the middle of the trip (yes, we're not only camping) and of course every one needs to book a flight one of these days...

Lauro, thanks soooo much for bringing up this idea on TB. I really enjoy organizing this trip together with you! You're the best!!
Wilmke and Janja, girls I'm really happy you're joining the team! Iceland is gonna be another great adventure for us!
Lieke and Mike, I'm met you guys and I'm really looking forward to this trip with you, because you two are great people to hang out with!
Matthew, Matt, Amber, David, Ben, RJ and Fernando: I haven't met you before, but I'm really looking forward to meet you and have a great time in Iceland!

The next entry shows you the internerary we have for the trip and more details about the trip. I don't have time to put in on now, but it will be there in a few days...

Africancrab says:
Congratulations on the feature, great blog. I wish I had joined you guys on the trip.
Posted on: Oct 25, 2010
Globevoyager says:
Thanks a lot every one!
Posted on: Oct 16, 2010
Koralifix says:
Congrats on having this adventure featured, Maike! Awesome!
Posted on: Oct 15, 2010
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The Team!
The Team!