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I was woken up last night about 5 times, everyone coming in and out and slamming doors. Woke up from my daze this morning by an earthquake, wasn't for too long and by the time I thought, the room is shaking?? It was over. After that, thoughts of the Tsunami were rolling around in my head.

I ventured outside at 9am - which was a mistake, most people and stores didn't open until 10. But I took my time and stopped off at Te Papa museum.

I also went to the Sea Museum & jumped on the cable car to check out the botanic gardens. Very impressed by it all so far. Very much a tourist with my mouth open all the time.

My day backpack is now filled with Wellington to do brochures - having to sort these out at the moment. I've already filled up 144MB of photo's - over 2 films. Digital has certainly changed the way I take photo's.

Tomorrow will probably see me to the beehive and other places in my guidebook. I've booked a LOTR Wellington tour for Tuesday and See the Seal's tour on Sunday arvo. They should be interesting.

I didn't get lost once, though my boots are very dusty and need a polish.

Now all the Kiwi's at work who laughed at my pronunciation of names will be amused by the following impressions.

- I'm going through my shirt at amazing rates - thinking of throwing away the dirty stuff and then buying cheepies :)
- I can't believe that you can buy alcohol at the local cornerstore. hmm, for brekky today I'll have Corn Flakes and wash it down with Vodka??
- The traffic lights don't beep, they squeal, first time I heard it I thought, I wonder whose brakes are faulty :)
- The police are amusing with their white cars - but blue and orange stripes, I thought it not wise to take a photo of them :) May be next time.
- Drivers - I reckon that take out the accents and the Kiwi number plates, and I could think myself in Sydney. Very impatient drivers!!

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photo by: Ils1976