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Hi all

If you are bored of knowing everything i'm up to let me know and i won't sent it to you!

Sunday 25th Oct

I'd forgotten how i find it impossible to sleep when i know i have to be up early. So after basically an hours sleep if i'm lucky i had a 'wake up knock' at 5:30 pm, he seemed kinda annoyed i was already up and dressed, can't blame him.

So I got a taxi to Sealdah station , which i had been told was very busy but very well organised, this seemed not to of been the case as i followed the arrows for platform 9 but ended up on the wrong platform and almost had to do run and jump after the train, luckily i realised in the nick of time and got in my seat about 5mins before it set off.

I do Love the Indian trains you can buy alsorts on them, although it does get annoying people walking up and down all the time shouting coffee, chai and a load of other things i couldn't understand but by the looks of it could mean anything from bags, snacks, towels, cameras, toothbrushes, the list goes on and on....

I must remember in future to always book a top bunk then i can sleep during the day, otherwise you end up with your bunk been made into 2 seats. eventually the guy got the message and went on his own bunk, although i think in my half asleep state i may of been kicking him.I got a few hours kip then amused myself watching the mice run between peoples feet, all the time making sure my feet were no where near the floor.

I finally arrived in Siliguri which for some reason i pictured as a small village but was shocked how big it was. Found a cheap room for the night then will try be up as early as possible tomorrow to get the jeep to Darjeeling!!

Monday Oct 26th

I eventually dragged myself to the jeep station, only 90rps for the 3hrs ish it took to Darjeeling - Bargain. Saw the most amazing views on the way up, couldn't look for 2 long though with my fear of heights! The photos really don't do it justice at all.

It was a fairly uncomfortable ride - the jeeps are supposed to seat roughly 10 people but at one point there was 16 in ours and 1` hanging on the back and a basket of hens on the roof with all the baggage.They must of been terrified getting thrown about everywhere.

So eventually we arrived in Darjeeling which was a lot busier then i expected, still very few westerners. Alot of west Bengali's had come up for a holiday.

As soon as i got out of the Jeep someone asked of i wanted a room for 450rps, which sound fair enough to me so i said i would take a look. Half way up the bloody steep hill he turned round and asked if he could carry my backpack. As I felt as though I was going to pass out I handed it over. He was still a good 5mins ahead of me. I am so unfit! Although it's already getting easier as most days i've just spent walking up and down hills so I will lose weight!! The room was fair enough for the price so I took it.

So after a shower (hot water by the bucket) I went to explore - which ended in me getting lost due to the receptionist saying the hotel was the other end of town on the map!

After walking for a few hours I ended up back where i started without Even realising.

Then went to get something to eat in Kanika's Vegi lovers restaurant. I had steamed Momo (Tibetan dumplings) which are now my new favourite food. photo attached.

Then went to try get some sleep but as the hotel was full of west Bengali's i knew this would be difficult. Although they were quiet from 12midnight - 4am!

Tuesday Oct 27th

I went t the zoo today!

Again I got lost and what the lonely planet describes as a leisurely 30 min walk turned into a agonising hr+ for me.
I love the zoo although i wish i could of got closer to the snow leopards to get a better picture, they are a beautiful creature and i want one! Apart from that the zoo was okish, got some god pics of a tiger and there were quite a few red panda's which they breed there and loads of deer.

On the way back I called at 'hot stimulating cafe' had steamed Momo again and enjoyed the amazing views.

I am now off in search of a hairdryer - i guess i didn't fully think through how i would dry my hair in the cold places and it will also come in handy for trying clothes!

I am also trying to decide on my itinerary for the next 15days before i meet people in Jaipur. I know the majority of tomorrow will be spent getting a permit for Sikkim. It's free but you have to walk from one end of Darjeeling to the other and back again just to get it.

Anyways everyone how's on facebook have a look at my pics, if you're not on there get on there!

See ya

Emma xx
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very friendly staff. Can't go wrong for 450rps a night. Hot water by the bucket
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