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What a day!  If started offwith me ready to prepare for Dave arriving on Valentine’s weekend, but by day’s end I quit my job, told my housemate I was moving out, and now I'm ready to leave for Adelaide on Saturday!!  I hope to head to Brisbane on Thursday afternoon and spend two nights and Sat day with Ang. 

Here's out it all went down:

When I arrived back from Adelaide I went into work on Monday to find out I wasn’t given any shifts for the entire week!  What?!?  I was to be working full time and now I have no shifts!  Yow!  My boss isn’t around until the afternoon so I have to wait to speak to him.  ARGH!  I call Dave and tell him the news.  We both think it’s an opportunity, if I am going to leave in two weeks anyway, why not leave right now.  I’ll wait to see what my boss says when I speak to him but unless I get shifts this week I’m quiting right away.  I speak to my boss and he gives me the run around about not knowing when I was back, which is ridiculous because it was written in the request off book.   Then he tells me he didn't have my number but then catches himself in the lie saying, oh it was on your CV.  I then ask if I could get some shifts that week and it was clear I wasn’t going to get any.  I thought for a moment and then told him that I need more hours and asked weither he thought I'd get any.  He said that things were slow and didn't know how things would change.  I paused then said, that he could take me off the roster, that I wouldn’t be working for him anymore.  He said, o.k. no problem.  What!  That simple I guess.  I told him I'd come in to see and drop off my uniform.  And that was that.

I called Dave and told him, we are both so excited!  I am going to get organized, go to Brisbane for a couple days and then fly out to Adelaide on Saturday.  Can you believe that in less than a week I’ll be back in Adelaide to stay!  Yow!!  I tell my roommates and they’re sad to see me go but understand the situation.  They’re excited that I’m heading down to Adeliade and wish me well.  I go out with Jess and my friend from work, Maren, for dinner and we say goodbye.

I’ll miss some things in Broadbeach.  The wide beach, the gorgeous buildings, the big surf, surf lessons, and busy streets.  But it’s all nothing compared to what I’m gaining.

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photo by: glennisnz