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Tried to book my flight to Tawau but since I was booking it less than 24 hours before a flight I had to go to a ticket office, and well of course none of them are open.  Saweet.  Spoke with Malaysian Airlines on the phone for a LONG time trying to work things out but it was useless.  Decided my best bet would be to go with Hans and Marcel to the airport in the morning and book the ticket there.  Oh but for the line!  Holy crap everyone and their mom is trying to book tickets this morning.  I had to take a number like at the deli.  I was number 64.  They were on ticket 20 and moving slow!!!  Alright, lets make the most of this.  I plunk myself down in the hallway, along with the rest of those in waiting.  Read a book, listened to music.  I actually enjoyed myself! Ha!  2 hours later I have a ticket in hand.  I’m off to Tawau at 1pm.  Nice!

The flight to Tawau was fast, I couldn’t decide if it was worth the money to fly there.  Later I’d meet someone who took the 10 hour bumpy and noisy bus ride to Tawau from KK.  That flight as definitely worth it! 

Wow, the Tawau airport is a complete shit hole!  Reminds me of the places I saw and partied in while in China.  Dirty, ugly, old.  It smelled something fierce! 

So I’m only in transit it Tawau.  I actually need to get to a neighbouring city called Semporna.  That is where I’m going scuba diving!!!  Oh man I cannot wait for this adventure to start!  I love love love diving and the place where I’m going has one of the best dive sites in the world called Sipadan Island.  This is why I’m in Borneo, to dive Sipadan.  Words can’t explain how happy I am at this moment and I haven’t even gone diving yet!!  Even the possibility of diving makes me happy!

I take a taxi from Tawau to Semporna.  Its not cheap, but my only other option is to lug myself to the downtown core of Tawau to take a bus to Semporna.  Forget that, I’ll take a cab.  The cabbie is sooo nice.  He only says a few words in English.  Such as you o.k., sorry no English, you o.k.?  Too cute.  I enjoy the ride.  I got to relax during the hour long ride.  I enjoy seeing the countryside and I contemplate the effects that the palm oil business is having on Malaysia’s economy at the cost of ruining its natural landscapes and major tourist attractions.  I think about how much I loved Mulu.  How I’ve finally settled into Borneo and that it suits me.  I loved touring the caves and I’m so glad I stuck with the adventures despite feeling so bad.  I saw Deer Cave for petes sake!!  Like come on!  That is just amazing!!!

You know what I like about this journey so far.  The peace I feel inside.  I just know I’m supposed to be here.  I feel calm, still and happy.  I’m sure and confident.  I’m here in this moment, fully present.  My mind is at rest.  It’s not winding through one thousand things, in twenty directions.  My peace isn’t a high or a low, it’s a knowing that everything is going exactly the way it should be.  And that everything that is coming in the future will be exactly what I need it to be.  The world will bring me everything I need.
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photo by: Mysterious_Kish90