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Going across to Kowlook on the Star Ferry.

Saw a real mix of Hong Kong today.  First stop was Kowloon.  It was hard core Asia!  Not like Hong Kong Island at all.  Hong Kong island was like New York City, the Kowloon side is tight dirty streets, markets and cars.  Oh but then throw in Tiffany’s and designer fashions on the south side.  Packed local markets litter the streets.  You can buy everything from goldfish to power tools.  I liked the shoes the best!  I seriously could have bought suitcases full of them, but I held back.  I really don’t want to have to carry them around for the next 6 months! The rest of the markets just remind me of every other Asian city I’ve been too, but it was still fun to look around.

View of Hong Kong Island from Kowloon side.

I stayed in Kowloon until nearly 7pm.  Then I went to Hong Kong Island and met my good friend’s cousin, Yvette, for dinner.  We went to this huge mall and had an amazing dim sum in a PACKED restaurant. Holy crap it was full of people.  And all locals, so you knew it was a good spot.  The conversation equalled the amazing good.  Yvette and I talked for hours about travel, our lives, where we’re doing with ourselves.  Yvette has lived a very full life.  It was nice to talk to her about her travels and living in Hong Kong.

After dinner I took myself to Lan Kwai Fong, which is the famous expat bar/party district in Hong Kong.  It was FULL ON.  People everywhere, filling the streets and drinking.

Market city.
  There were a real mix of people, you had the suits mixed with the travelers like me (who’s big party outfit is flip flops and a tank top!).  I met a great group of people, a Cambodian, Australian and New Yorker.  We partied the night away and took full advantage of LKF.  We even found our way to Wan Chai which is a more dodgy area of Hong Kong Island, that is known for its red light district.  Yah, there was definitely a different vibe at the bars there!  I had such a good time I missed my ferry to Lantau Island.  Crap!  Its two in the morning and I have to wait 30 mins for the next one.  Serves me right I suppose!

Best line of the night, the New Yorker says to me as I go to pay for our round of drinks “you have no job and are travelling, I’m buying all the drinks.”  Enough said. 

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Going across to Kowlook on the Sta…
Going across to Kowlook on the St…
View of Hong Kong Island from Kowl…
View of Hong Kong Island from Kow…
Market city.
Market city.
Peking duck anyone?
Peking duck anyone?
Goldfish market.
Goldfish market.
Lanika, Aaron and Sahi - hanging o…
Lanika, Aaron and Sahi - hanging …