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Sweet coffee. Having a latte before my flight.

So what to do in Indonesia!?!  The originally idea was to go to Bali for a few days and then head out to Flores for a quick visit to some amazing volcanic lakes.  After digging around for advice on Flores I’ve decided not to go there, it’s a long haul from Bali (unless I buy an airlines ticket) and I feel like I don’t need to see the lakes.  I’ve met people who’ve gone and they sound lovely but the trek to get to them can be a bit dodgy and I’m frankly not up for it.  I’ve just spent weeks being adventure Kerrie, I’m ready for something different!  So I decide to stay in Bali and start my trip in Kuta.  There is no agenda.  I arrive late at night and trudge the alleys amongst the drunk backpackers and eventually settle into my new place.

Loved this flight. I was one of only a few on board and one of the attendants sat beside me for most of it chatting. He gave me a whole bunch of mini peanut bags when I left. Love Malaysian Airlines!
  My room is horrible, dirty, dark, old, and the bed is less than comfortable.  If it wasn’t so late I don’t think I would have stayed here.  My heart tells me I won’t be here for long. 

I decide to go out and check out the scene. Well Kuta sure is everything everyone said it would be.  It is a huge culture shock coming here from Borneo.  Everywhere I look its neon signs, fancy hotels, westerners, internet cafes, infrastructure, infrastructure, and more tourist infrastructure.   It’s overrun with backpackers, a serious party town and not representative of Bali’s amazing culture.  These are both positives and negatives, is just depends how you look at it.  After the quiet of Malaysia I was ready for a party.  Take me to the people I say!  Kuta didn’t disappoint, the streets are lined with people, cars, and billboards hang from above advertising busy bars and fancy hotels.

Partying at Bounty in Kuta.
  The alleys are full of tiny shops and travel operators yelling out to you as you pass by.  I see more people in 5 minutes in Kuta than in 2.5 weeks in Malaysia.  It is overwhelming.   How can I have culture shock in Bali?  But Kuta is so different from what I’ve seen in Malaysia.   Nuts!   

I find dinner and head to a popular local bar.  Settle in with my two for one priced beers, fabulous!  And watch the madness.  There are drunk people everywhere.  There are floors of people.  What a scene!  I meet some greet people from Brazil and we hit the dance floor for the entire night.

Tequila anyone? Oh dear!
  It was amazing!  While we’re dancing I can feel the floor shake with the power of the people moving on top of it.  My mind is reeling from the change in my environment.  One minute I’m in quiet Sanur, writing thoughtfully and enjoying peace of mind.  The next I’m meeting Brazilians and rocking a dance floor until who knows what time.  I pay a local to take me home on his scooter, the wind cools my hot sweaty body and I crash into my uncomfortable bed.  I didn’t notice the discomfort, I am exhausted and blissfully happy.  So far I really like Bali!

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Sweet coffee.  Having a latte befo…
Sweet coffee. Having a latte bef…
Loved this flight.  I was one of o…
Loved this flight. I was one of …
Partying at Bounty in Kuta.
Partying at Bounty in Kuta.
Tequila anyone? Oh dear!
Tequila anyone? Oh dear!
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More scenes...
it was home, but it wasnt sweet. …
it was home, but it wasn't sweet.…
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