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KK has taken a bite out of me.  I’m hurting today.  I was very sick last night and through to this morning.  While the drugs have kicked in, it has all left me rather weak, tired, and numb.  I’ve been through this before on previous trips so I know I can get through it but it still isn’t fun.  Its noon and I’m feeling slightly better than last night.  The revival is a cup of team from the KK airport Starbucks.  I swear I searched for something local, but it seems this place has limited options.  I’m leaving for Mulu today to see the famous Gunung Mulu National Park. 

Being sick and backpacking is the WORST.  The last thing I wanted this morning was to lug my backpack to the airport.  Where is my shirpa? 

Talked to my mom this morning on Skype.  She provided all of the right words of comfort and even a virtual hug.  Much needed after the night I had.  Its moments like this that make you crave comfort; friends, stability, your own bed.  All of which don’t exist here.  So you have to find comfort another way.  Starbucks tea is helping today. 

Vanessa_Mun_Yee says:
Take care and get well soon buddy! Stay Strong!
Posted on: Nov 23, 2009
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