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I'm at the airport getting ready to get on my plane to Adelaide.  I seriously can't believe this is happening.  I had this moment just now as I was walking to my gate, thinking how this is me, Kerrie, in Aus, how 3 months ago I was in Canada with a completely different life.  I'm here after a three month journey through Hong Kong's urban beauty, Malaysian's remote and wild jungles, some of the best dive sites in the world, to peace in Bali, and now I am about to take a flight to Adelaide!  Adelaide, a place I've never been, where I'll spend the week with a guy that I've only physically been around for less than 24 hours.  It seems fitting to me.  Everything about this trip has been an adventure, so why not continue to take chances and experience something amazing!  Somehow since Dave and I have met we've built a romance that has wrapped around my heart and mind, all without being in the same city.  I have no idea what is going to happen when I get to Adelaide.  I have no expectations.  You can't predict the future afterall!  All I know is that my heart and mind are open to any possibility.  I'm jumping in.  So here I go, off to see Dave.  To see if its possible to have it all.

Dave has planned lots of things for us to do while I'm there.  We're going to see the Fairy penguins (tiny blue penquins that live on an island near Adelaide), we're taking wine tours, partying for Australia Day at his house, and going to Big Day Out (OMG I am sooooo excited about this part).  Dave was able to find a ticket for me for the sold out Big Day Out concert.  I had wanted to go to one of the concerts when I first found out about them.  Now that I'm in Aus and everyone who loves music talks about that concert series, I wanted to go even more.  Dave put out an s.o.s over facebook to find me a ticket and was able to get me one.  YAHOO!!! 

I am incredibly nervous when the plane arrives.  I don't know what is going to happen.  The future is completely blank at this moment.  I walk up the ramp at my gate and there he is, standing with a gorgeous bouquet of star burst lilies and gerber daisies.  He looks nervous.  Thank god because I'm freaking out!  We greet, its simple, perfect, and takes my mind back to our time in Cairns.  We lean into each other as we walk, holding hands and staring at each other.  We can't take our eyes off of each other.  We walk out of the airport, Dave taking my bags and getting us through the airport, to the parking lot, loading my stuff, opening the car door for me.  We stare at each other as we walk.  I have a flurry of emotions.  Everything feels natural, surreal, easy, exciting!  When we get in the car at the airport, Dave stops, looks at me and says when do I wake upits true, if I didn't know better I'd think I was living in a dream.    

It takes about 15 mins to get to Dave's place from the airport.  Once we arrive, Dave shows me around.  I'm introduced to Simon his roomate and then we take a walk into Glenelg (the suburb of Adelaide where Dave lives).  Dave's place is about 50 metres from the beach (!), is just outside of downtown Gleneg which has an amazing vibe.  Lots of shops, coffee spots, and a gorgeous ocean view.  The beach is wide and the waves are soft.  People are everywhere and you can see right away that they're mostly locals.  This is no Surfer's Paradise people.  This place is softer, classier, real.  I like it immediately.  We have dinner downtown at the Dublin and I eat Kangaroo for the first time.  Its amazing!  Later we take a walk, go for coffee and dessert.  I can't get over how easy it is to be with him. 

Dave is amazing.  Gorgeous, funny, bright as the sun, he laughs easily, is happy, positive, extravereted.  Our conversation flows seemlessly.  We are full with stories and interest in each other.  The energy around us is buzzing with joy.  The words we use with each other are current and present, energetic, our conversation is about us, who we are together.  There is no acting, no performance.  I am absoluately myself and no one else. 

Dave is very comfortable in his own skin.  He's savours time, moments.  He doesn't say anything to me to tell me this, I can see it by his physical reactions that he does this.  He doesn't rush to eat, he doesn't look around for something to grab his attention, he's purposeful about his movements, his eyes and voice are always steady, but without being intense.  He sits back in his seat.  Its like he lets energy surround him, taking it all in.  He aborbs time and doesn't ask it to be more than it is.  It is.  And that is what makes him happy.  I have never in my life spent time with a man like this. 

I can tell by my own behaviour that I'm crazy about this person.  Everyone knows themselves well enough to know when you do or don't like something.  Well I have things I do that tell me if I'm leaning into a relationship or trying to step out of one.  Everything about who I am is leaning in to Dave.  Its funny how your reactions are subconscious.  When you're happy all you want to do is keep being happy.  And so your mind and body will push you in that direction.  The amazing part is when two people are happy at the same time.  It is heaven.  And unfortunately the hardest thing to find and hold onto.  You're lucky if you can get it at all, even for a day, a week.  And for those who find it forever, be grateful because the rest of the world is seeking it everyday.  I'll take this moment, this night in Adelaide.  And we'll see what happens tomorrow and the rest of this week...         

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photo by: shirlan