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Today we had a good sleep in after the wedding last night. (except for poor Kathy who had to go to work).  After breakfast we ventured out to go shopping again - there is sooooo much of it here......it is unbelievable.  I bought a pair of handmade sandals for for about 8 dollars. The leather is so soft.  Also, today we each bought a rickshaw!  Let me explain. There is a woman from Quebec, (Giselle) who is a teacher with Kathy and Michael who when she came here decided to start up a program where she would help a family buy a rickshaw so that the husband who was the "legs" of the operation did not have to rent a rickshaw from someone. This way they would have more profit for his labour and the family would benifit down the line.  Giselle is working in coordination with a Bangalese van driver from the school they work for.

The van driver goes out and finds good hard working men who people can sponsor.  For $120 we are able to participate in the program and that amount of money can buy a good used rickshaw.   Today we went to visit the rickshaw drivers and the families that we were going to sponsor.  It was a wonderful experience.  We had to get to Giselle's. As soon as she got home from work Kathy said that we should start walking in order to get there in time.  Ann and I said - let's get a rickshaw to take us there!  Kathy had never been in one.  We easily found two rickshaws outside Kathy's apartment building and away we went!  We arrived in front of Gizelle's apartment and there they were - two rickshaws (not the new (used) ones yet), and in them were the families of the drivers.  Mine had a young woman and their 5 year old daughter sitting there in their best clothing....with the father standing proudly beside them - all with these wonderful smiles from ear to ear.  Ann's family consisted of a mother and two small children and the father.  It was a wonderul experience.  We felt so good to be able to be helping this family prosper better than they could have if we did not help them.  We took photos and all too soon it was over as we were drawing a crowd and we did not want to draw attention to this crowd and jeopordize their dignity.  Ann and I then got into the van with Gizelle and we paid her the Taka that we owed her.  She assured us that she would not use this money until the driver could show her the rickshaw that they were going to buy and then she would pay the seller directly - and take a photo of it to send us when the family had this new rickshaw.   It was a Mother Teresa moment and it felt great. 

This evening we had a wonderful supper that Kathy's maid had left for us.  We were able to go to one of the only places that sells alcohol yesterday and were able to get some J P Chenet wine which is my favourite wine from France that I drink in Canada.

Did I tell you about the food at the wedding last night?  It consisted of a very good rice that had spices and raisins in it. There was also a chicken, mutton and fish dish and a green salad.  Ann and I broke all our rules ......we had decided to be vegetarian on this trip.....here we were with chicken, mutton and fish on our plate.....and it was delicious!!!  There was also a sweet dish that looked like orange rice (this was part of the desert) as well as a yougart type dish. 

Tomorrow Kathy is off so we will have a day of looking around the city.



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photo by: cimtech