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After waiting 7 hours in the Dhaka airport we find out that due to fog in Calcutta (where we are to make our connection to Bangalore), we will not make that connection and we have to spend the night in Calcutta.  Kingfisher Airline put us up in an "adequate" hotel that was 45 minutes from the airport.  Luckily there were 7 other people who had missed the same connection and one of the knew how to get from the international terminal to the domestic side (which turned out to be rather easy...all you had to do was go through this most depressing parking lot), where Kingfisher had an office and would make the arrangements for our stay.  They piled us into 3 taxi's and that is when our first bad impression of Calcutta started.....the driver was very rude and didn't want to take us until we had paid more of the luggage (we were sharing the car with an Austrian fellow and he had luggage too).  Then the driver tied the trunk closed (it would close but not stay shut) with a piece of cloth and we were afraid that at the speed they drive that our luggage would come tumbling out on the ground.

Now I know why they call Calcutta the "deep dark hole" of India.  It was so smoggy, the air was dirty and we had to cover our mouth and noses with a hankie as the driver insisted on driving with the windows open.  We arrived at the hotel at 1030pm but slept very little as we had to leave the next morning at 5am to catch our flight to Bangalore.  We were really tired after our long day in the airport the day before.  It disrupted our plans as the driver was to have picked us up the same night that we left Dhaka.  We were able to phone our travel agent in Southern India and she made the appropriate changes.



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photo by: sky69