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Erotic carvings on temple walls

I have not had any computer time for the last 3 days so this might seem a bit jumbled.

After we left Khajuraho (that had the temples with the erotic figures) we drove for a total of 4 hours across the top of central India.

It was a fascinating drive! We traveled through very many small villages. I loved snapping photos of the people going about their daily lives.

There were long stretches of farm land where they were growing vegetables or in some places just planting the field using oxen and plough and he wife following along behind in her sari planting the seeds.

That evening we stayes in an old converted " sporting palace".  The king had his palace off in the distance along the riverside.  We could only imaging them years ago hunting tigers in this area.

The next morning we took a tour of the old palace - it was very large and beautiful.  Ann and I got to shop a bit in the little town and had a lot of fun.

After lunch we rested in big chairs on our balony - gazed out onto the river and watched people doing their laundry down the way.

Later that after noon we had our "train experience"  Let me tell you - it was an experience.  We took a taxi to the train station where upon arrival it was bartered by our guide a price for the porters to take our luggage up the ramp - over the rail tracks and down the other side.

We were instructed not to pay them until the luggage was safely in the car.   The train was not due to arrive for another 25 minutes so we waited there huddled around our luggage trying to ward off the beggars and watching the rats on the rail tracks.

Road to Orchha

The porters were nowhere to be seen but as soon as the train arrived they appeared and started to try to get on the train.  Getting on a train in India is no small feat - even without luggage!  Everyone is pushing to try to get out and the other pushing to get in.  One of the porter was trying to put the luggage in the wrong car - luckily we could set him straight!   The ride itself was nice and smooth.  The attendants were continuously passing out food and tea etc.

We arrive after 2 hours into Agra only to find that there was no bus to meet us.

The guide was frantically making phone calls and after a wait of about 45 minutes we finally were ushered into taxis and taken to our hotel.

We were going to get up the next day and see the Taj Mahal at sunrise.....but when we arrived the night before it was very foggy and smokey and we were told that our departure from the hotel would be 0900hrs.

The hotel in Agra is absolute luxury! It is huge and one get plenty of exercise going from the entrance to our room or to the restaurant etc.

Off to bed we went - very tired but happy after arriving at this hotel and having a nice pizza as a late supper.



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Erotic carvings on temple walls
Erotic carvings on temple walls
Road to Orchha
Road to Orchha
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photo by: Paulovic