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We just returned home from the Hindu wedding.  The invitation said to it started at 7:30pm.  We arrive just after 7.  We were given seats of honor and after a little while we were asked if we wanted to see the bride.  Yes, of course!  So we were taken to a room off the big event room and there she was on a bed that had a headboard of flowers and flowers at the footboard.  She was beautiful. All in red. Her jewellery was incredible.  They told us that it had taken over 3 hours to do her makeup.

At about 8:45 the groom arrived to the main room with his ceremonial hat - (very tall - it looked like a wedding cake on his head.)

At about 9pm we ate. There were over 300 people at this seating.  I could not figure out why people seemed to be rushing with the eating and were finished before us Westerners.

  We found out later that there was another full seating and about another 1/2 full seating after that.

At about 9:30 they started to do some ceremonial things with the groom like him having to change in to new clothing (behind a large cotton beadspread to hide him), that was provided by the brides family.  All this time the brides father was doing some rituals with the Hindu religious person who was conducting the ceremony.  This took about 45 minutes.  We were told that the wedding had to be performed between 8:30pm and 10:30pm - as this was the auspicious time chosen by the astrologers.  At close to 10:30pm the bride emerged from her room and the ceremony started.

We left just after 11pm and were told that the ceremony would go on for another 4 hours.  Most of the people had left by this point.

What a nice evening we had.  Everyone there wanted Ann and I to try to get the best view of things  (which even so was hard to do with so many people there).   We feel lucky to have been invited.

As for our day today - it was really good too.  We managed very well walking from Kathy's apartment to the shopping areas. We are told that because of Eid there still is not the usual number of people in the streets as people are still on holidays.  For us it has been the perfect week to come here.


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photo by: cimtech