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Today we took another tour. This one went to Old Dhaka which was a maze of streets full of rickshaws. Today was the last day of Eid so there were far fewer people there than normally would be.  We started at the Lalbagh (Red) Fort which where its constuction began in 1677 under the auspices of Prince Mohammed Azam who handed it to Shaist Khan for completion.  The death of Khan's daughter was considered such a bad omen that the fort was never completed..  There is a Mausoleum , Mosque and Audience hall on the beautiful green grounds. When we looked at the fort and its grounds from above it almost had a "Versailles" look about it.

We then went to a functioning mosque where they let us go in behind the locked area to see more of the mosque.

After that we went to another area of old Dhaka called Sadarghat.  It was on the water side of the city and was where a lot of the ferry's came in.  The big ferries were all empty waiting to take people home again after the holiday days.  We got to go on one of the big ferries (we stayed docked!!!)  The one we went on was a passenger ferry that took people on a 6 hour journey to another city.  There were NO seats on this ferries three floors!  It was incredible.  We only saw about 4 life saving float rings and 2 life jackets!  I can see now how they can tip over if they are over crowded and people go to one side all at once. We won't be going on any of those boats!

We had lunch in this very dark restaurant that as soon as we had all gotten seated the power went out!  They had a generator and some of the lights came back on. We had a delicious lunch of mixed vegetable, rice and dahl. 

After lunch we drove about  23 km to Sonargaon which is the county's first capital.  There we toured an old palace that housed a museum with some very intersting old artifacts.  After that we toured Painam an 18th century city where some people are still living.  It was very interesting to see the architecture and people still living there going about their daily life.  There were a lot of people touing this site - we were the only "foreigners"

The people of Bangladesh have been so nice to us so far.  Everywhere we go people smile at us and want to take our pictures (so ironic because we are wanting to take their pictures)......they want to have their picture taken with us and get us to hold their babies and have photo's taken with them too.  We feel like movie stars! 

When Ann and I got our first taste of Bangladesh with Binman Airllines - we were greeted with glares and NO smiles from the flight crew.  It was so strange and we were afraid that this was going to be how the rest of the people would be. Thankfully no - they have been so friendly.  We have only occasionally been bothered by beggars .

Tomorrow Kathy has to go to work so Ann and I will find our way to the shopping around this area.  In the evening we have been invited to a Hindu wedding at the Dhaka Officers Club no less!  We are really looking forward to it.

More tomorrow.



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photo by: cimtech