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Here's my report on Spanish, which for those who are not students of the language may view as something irrelevant and coming from another planet. However, yes, the past tense. I'm using it a lot in my daily conversations with my teacher, Arely. We work for 5 hours, often without a break, or with just a short bathroom break. We review a little grammar, maybe subjunctive or pronominal verbs, and I translated a couple of things into Spanish for homework, but most of the time, it's conversation and I keep trying to use the past tense, and she keeps correcting me along the way. It seems to be a good method. Somewhere along the line I've picked up the bad habit of saying "un otro" or "una otra", which is my way of saying “an other”, but the correct form is to use otra or otro without the article. It is really damn hard to unlearn a bad habit.


Anyway, it's good to be able to speak Spanish at home. There are two young, intelligent couples here now, one from Holland and one from the US, and our conversational Spanish is all about the same, so we rarely speak English, except to insert an unknown word or two. The Guatemalan couple is nice and they speak to us clearly. Even the little 8 or 9 year old girl speaks to us clearly. Her two year old brother, however, cannot be understood in any language.


I'm considering going to the rain forest next month to take a week of classes with indigenous people. However, that depends on my tolerance for roughing it.


I'm quite dedicated to reading "Cien años de soledad". It's about 425 pages and I've done 120. It's a perfect book for me, very entertaining. I only have the time and interest for one beer in the evenings and I don't even look at women. Well, that' s a slight exaggeration, maybe just a glance sometimes, but they don't look at me, or something like that.

[There's an option to add a hotel review here, but I'd like to recommend my teacher. Her name is Arely Zeceña, and her phones are 43286736 and 56684326. I give her four stars, just because I very rarely give five star recommendations.]

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