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It's a week after the last post, and I've decided to go directly--at least as directly as I can--back home to San Miguel, Mexico, 4 hours north of Mexico City. It should take me about 3 days. I'm kind of eager to get back, because frankly, I just want to relax and have the opportunity for TV, warm shower, big bed, etc.

Life in the indigenous village was pretty good, but austere again. It was good that I couldn't speak English with anyone for the last five days. In Antigua there were far more English speakers, so the opportunity to cheat was greater. The down side was that my 26 year old teacher here in the village was not very good. For example, we played scrabble in Spanish and I won by three points. That was even after she disallowed a verb form that I knew was correct. It was indeed. I looked it up later. In contrast, my teacher in Antigua had 24 years experience and was extremely good in grammar. Anyway, today, my last day, my teacher here insisted on a Scrabble rematch and she won by a good margin. She's a little immature, but cute and the conversation was just fine.

Just an item in passing: It's interesting to occasionally see an indigenous (Indian) whose face looks similar to one of the gods or kings one sees in pictures with the pointed faces. And yet others look like they are from the South Sea Islands with flat faces.

I didn't get much chance to really experience the rain forest here. Lago Atitlan was more beautiful than Lago Peten, although god help me if I were to say that out loud here. Someday, I'll have to research where the actual rain forest is. There is a Mayan ruins that I'd like to see some day called El Mirador, probably in the actual rain forest. I think it's near the Mexican border on the Guatemalan side. It is supposed to be the first developed city, whatever that means, of its kind in Mesoamerican, and a relatively recent archeological find. However, one must walk (or ride horseback) for 3-4 days to get to the place, unless one has the means to go by helicopter.

Anyway, I now have a number of places I'd like to go "next time", but at the same time, I can't imagine going anywhere at all right now outside my own head.
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photo by: Deannimal