My tummy is aching for a Superpancho!

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All good things have to come to an end. I officially hate that saying. I’ve been in Atlanta a matter of hours and I am already itching to be back in Buenos Aires. For my last blog I’ll discuss the thing I miss the most, the food. I am incredibly baffled at the difference between Atlanta and Buenos Aires. I got hungry this afternoon but realized I could no longer walk next door for an empanada or medialuna. Instead I had a snack to hold me off until dinner because I did not want to drive anywhere. So how do they do it? How do they stay so incredibly small? I am a rather small person with a fast metabolism, and I gained 7 pounds in just 4 weeks. It seems that everything there involves food, or for us it did. Did I not tap into the porteño eating habits correctly? Did I over do it? Is a daily trip to the baker and a superpancho between meals not customary? Well I’m not quite sure. I thought maybe the portion sizes were smaller in Argentina, but I was wrong. So that’s not it either. One the flight down to Argentina, an Argentine woman said that she noticed that Americans tended to be bigger and asked me why. I told her we don’t eat very healthily in the States, but I must say my diet in Buenos Aires was much worse than the one I have here. Sadly I must say that this is one mystery that will have to be left unsolved for me until my next trip to Buenos Aires (because there will be many). Until then, I’ll eat the vastly inferior food and continue to miss the city that stole my heart.

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photo by: vulindlela