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My day trip to Tigre this weekend was somewhat surprising. We took what we thought would be a tourist type boat tour of the delta and river, but it ended up being a basic form of public transportation to take people to and from home. I enjoyed the experience though, because I feel I got to see how many people in Tigre actually live. I was immediately reminded of Venice, Italy though. Italy also has a public transportation system that is basically a bus on the waterways. The difference in quality is obvious though between the two cities. The ferry boat system in Tigre is slow and does not run often, whereas the boats in Venice arrive every few minutes and there are several lines. Surprisingly, there didn’t seem to be an alternate mode of transportation for the residents of Tigre that live on the river. I did not see any roads or paths to and from the outer houses to the central city. I also did not see many houses that had their own private boats docked out front. The resident of Venice have the option of walking everywhere in the cities if they wish to. This was a clear representation of the difference in living conditions in the two cities. The poverty was clear in Tigre. The houses on the outskirts were completely dependent on the boat system and our ferry even sold jugs of water to people waiting on their private docks. Some houses, at first glance, looked to be abandoned and unlivable, but at a second look I saw clothes lines and people in them. While the two cities had similar structures, they had bigger differences.

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photo by: IndoMaluku