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Vietnam: City of Motorbikes

My first time out of the country. Everything was planned, we had our hotel booked 2 days before our flight,We decided to be early at the airport, as we didnt want to be left by the plane. Well being punctual is not my problem, so no to late policy is always my principle.(ouch to those who are...sorry! peace..)
Anyway on the plane going to Ho Chi Mihn we were just playing cards, talking about anything. Just an hour and few mins flight,and there we are Ho Chi Mihn International Airport. Silence greeted us, when we were inside. So different from the Philippines, really different.No paging, no announcing the flight etc. What a big and nice airport they have. Near the entrance we saw money changer were we needed to exchanged our money to Dong (Vietnam currency). We were shocked with the so many 0's of their money. It was kinda confusing. Then we looked for a taxi,we took and advise from a friend who went there a couple of times "never ride taxis at the airport entrance as they will took advantage of you". So we then headed down the other side and walk a few steps and they're the taxis were, Vietnamese taxi drivers were a bit possesive, they hold our hand like they possess us and pushed us to their taxi. After a few moments of fare bargaining we were all set. One thing I noticed on the streets was, there were a lot of motorbikes around, out of the ordinary population of motorbikes. Just knew that Vietnam is the city of motorbikes, a transportation necesity, they dont have jeepneys like what we have but they have buses also. I like Vietnam when it comes to road/traffic management, I never experience heavy traffic when we were there. Go to motorbikes, it helped lessen the traffic. After a few horns and turns were now at the Lei Loi Ave, where our street was. We then paid the driver and hell, he asked for the toll payment also.(what, do we need to pay for that also?)We were so confused with the so many 0's of their money, he asked 50,000 dong for the toll and another 193,000 for the fair so all in all we paid like $15 when infact it should only be $5. Stupid? Yes,we were.
Anyway we then get our key to the hotel, talk to the receptionist a bit then went to 4th flr were our room was located. The hotel was quiete cozy, and clean, considered 3-star and we only paid $18 a night. So cheap.Took a rest then went down and looked for something to eat and we tried to checked nearby. We were kinda paranoid, and people were just staring at me, maybe they thought I was Vietnamese. Well, cant blame them, Asian people looks similar. I love it there,felt more safe than in Malate. hehehe.

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