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So today I started off by walking to Flagstaff gardens, which is quite a nice park.  I then made my way to the markets again.  This time I had to resist the urge to buy quite a few things.


After that I walked towards a camera museum that I saw in a brochure.  Walking down from the top of the street I walked past motorbike heaven.  That is, for 2 blocks there was motorbike dealer after dealer.  Bikes were on the street and pathway.  Quite mad. 


I then got to the camera museum.  This was pretty much just a room on top of a retail store which was filled with displays of old cameras.  I was quite impressed with the range of the brands and the ages of the cameras.  They had box brownies, early motion cameras, video cameras, old SLR’s early model point and shoot, there were even a few microscopes.  Very worthwhile having a look (yes it is free - if you manage to make it past their large retail store).


As there was a camera shop there on the corner, it marks the start of the camera heaven.  Where it was one block of camera shop after shop after shop.  Very amusing.


I then made my way to the Australian Racing Museum.  Now I never saw any brochure on this, just a small mention in some book I saw - yes it does exist - very difficult to find information on, but it does exist.  This museum was fantastic!  You read on a few of the horses, their temperaments, then onto the races and they had cups, trophesy, sashes and old racing programs.  Not to mention the riding silks, ladies dresses and hats.  It was very informative and I spent a good hour there.  There was also a display on one of the sports photographers, just seeing the emotions through these pictures was fantastic.


After all that it was lunch time and more takeaway.  I am looking forward to ‘simple’ food.  After lunch it was about 2pm and I had about 2 hours to waste.  So on my way back to the main square I stopped off at a few stores and then I decided that a nice relaxing trip on the tram for a full city circle would be good - listen to the commentary from start to finish for once.


That was good until about halfway when a whole bunch of girl guides got onto the tram.  They all sat in the same section as me and were having a nice old chat.  So I saw the whole city but wasn’t able to hear the commentary for half the trip.  After that I just sat down in the square and did a bit of reading for a half hour.  I then made my way back to the hotel where I sat in the lobby and my driver to the airport came a bit early.


In the airport that was no dramas and I was able to get a window seat.  This time pretty much at the back of the plane, but still not too bad.


So that’s it for my trip.  No dramas and I had a fantastic time.  So goodbye and until the next holiday (let’s hope it’s a bit sooner than another 2 years time).

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