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Kangaroo at the devonshire tea stopover.

We jumped on the bus a bit early so I spent a fair bit of time just watching the trams loading & unloading passengers.  Trams are in the middle of the road, so people jump off the curb, across the no standing land and then onto the tram.  They also have some quite cute street cleaners (I’m talking about the machines).  Pretty much just a metre wide to fit between the tram lines.  Very amusing. 


So we got going to the penguins.  There was an afternoon stop at a cattle farm where we got to feed the kangaroos and see wombats (who were sleeping).  Again more photos and I hope most turned out okay.


On the way to the koala conservation centre we went past the town with no pub.

Cows from our devonshire tea stopover.
  The koala centre was pretty good, you could see the koalas in their natural habitat, and as the rangers were all there, everyone was kept away from upsetting the animals.  Most were sleeping, but a few decided to put on a show and move to a different tree branch J


After that we got to see the penguins and I upgraded to the plus tour - where you were a lot closer to the beach.  It was breathtaking.  All the tourists did the gasp and then talk to each other in their language when the first lot of penguins came out of the water.  At first you just saw this movement at the edge of the water and then all the penguins were revealed in a large group.  Very spectacular.  They had a boardwalk where you could walk along and follow some penguins.  They came out in a few different groups, so there were always some gathered at the water, some running along the beach and then some walking to their nest.

Coastline just around from the Penguin Parade.
  You could hear the penguins move on the sand (pitter patter of feet).  So cute to see them waddle along and it was interesting to see the way that they all rested together at the same time.  It was like they had a silent communication so that they all stopped at the same time to rest.  I brought a few things from the shop, but very much worth it.


Anyway, after all that, we stopped off at Cowes for dinner then back to hotel.  Oh, and I think I annoyed the bus driver a bit by constantly talking to him on the trip back. (I’ll pretend that I was just trying to keep him awake).

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Kangaroo at the devonshire tea sto…
Kangaroo at the devonshire tea st…
Cows from our devonshire tea stopo…
Cows from our devonshire tea stop…
Coastline just around from the Pen…
Coastline just around from the Pe…
photo by: linda_brissie