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The driver was fantastic! Makes all the difference as I sat in luxury listing to commentary.  It was good do hear the driver talking about local history, how Melbourne is going etc… then moving onto more Australian history, then politics, world events and knowledge of other cities/ states.  *sigh* if only I could be half as knowledgeable. 


I was amused at one stage, we went past a castle on the way to Ballart and the driver talked about how they held re-enactment days with tournaments and jousting.  The amusing part was how the bus took it - they all laughed as if it were a joke.  I felt like piping up saying ‘It’s great fun’.


The people on the tour were quite a mixture and pretty good.  There were a few oldies though who would often comment on every sentence the bus driver said or they repeated the last word of the driver’s sentences.  Bit annoying at times, but I could tune out some of it occasionally.


So… Ballart… our only stop was morning tea at the Wildlife Zoo.  We were allowed to pet the kangaroos - I think it would have been difficulty to stop it!  You initially walked in through their souvenir shop, and the kangaroos were right outside the back door waiting for you to come out.  They also eat the table and chairs. 


After the roos we had a driving tour of Ballart - next time I visit I’ll take time to see the place a bit more.  We also saw the lake of the Olympics back in the 70s where they did the rowing.  The past 18 months it has been dry, but until then it had always had water in it.  The drought is really affecting us all.

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photo by: polvandenwirre