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Inside the Gaol

So I hope to get an early night tomorrow and catch up on a bit of sleep.  Today I was able to have a small sleep in before running around town.


I managed to re-confirm my tour and tomorrow’s tour.  I started off with a nice walk in a long sleave shirt.  Now it wasn’t cold this morning - I had no trouble in just the shirt.  However Melbourne people obviously thought that the little bite to the air was the chance to bring out the 3 metre long scarves, I swear they covered their whole neck with material left over, and they all had overcoats on over their work jackets.  It was like it was below freezing - I’ll give Melbourne people a tip, it was warmer than a windy Sunshine Coast winter breeze.

  Oh yes, and then I was told that the average winter temp in Melb was wait for it... 14... there’s something wrong there.  Here I am dragging along my leather jacket everywhere as everyone tells you how cold it is down there.  I don’t get it.


Anyway, after confirming my tours I went to Melbourne Gaol and had a look around.  Impressive.  I read most of the exhibits so I spent a good hour or two there.  I then went for lunch (another note for others, beware - public toilets are sparse in this city).  After lunch was my tour to the penguins.





So I had trouble with the phone on Tuesday.  I spoke to reception this morning to get it looked at.  Tonight when I checked to see if there were any messages for me, I was told by the girl at reception to check the connections on the phone.  I said that I asked someone to look at it this morning, and she goes, try the connections, call reception and see if the phone is fixed.  If it then still doesn’t work, then they will have maintenance look at it.  Yesh. Why didn’t they just have someone to check the phone while I was out for the entire day?  Why wait til I get back and put the problem back to me?  I reported a problem why get me to fix it?  Oh well, I was tired and I wasn’t going to argue with them, I just nodded my head.  I had already looked at the connections Tues night and it was all fine - apart from the fact that the plug was half broken on the wall. 


Hmm, oh well, they may do something next time another person gets that same room and finds the phone still not working.

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Inside the Gaol
Inside the Gaol
photo by: jendara