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My hotel room

It’s been about two years since my last ‘holiday’ - meaning out from home longer than one weekend.


I started with the flight through Virgin.  Their check-in counter things needed a scannable ticket, and as mine was packed towards the bottom of my backpack, I thought to do the standard check-in.  Luckily the line was empty, so no time to book onto the flight.  I requested a window seat, and the only ones left were at the emergency exits.  I said that was fine, inwardly I was thinking yay, leg room.  I then also had the choice of the 1st row or half way down.  Of course I said 1st row.


So then after that was the security check and I was asked for the random bag search.

Couryard where my hotel room looked out onto.
  I don’t think they are quite random.  When the security was going through my bag they didn’t want to even look at the bottom part where my camera’s were (even after I mentioned that), but they had a very good look at the mp3 player.  I suspect that they saw the small shape in the bag screen and thought hmm, let’s have a look. 


Anyway all was good, and I boarded the plane, no dramas and I was able to stretch out my legs.  Luckily I remembered to take out my book before boarding as all bags and jackets had to go in the overhead storage.  It was quite an experience watching how the cabin crew get around - very happy to get 1st row.


I also loved the view from the window seeing all the mountains and looking at the houses and tilled fields.  Getting the luggage and hotel transfer was not a problem and the driver was quite helpful and chatty.

Highest fully residential building


So I got in about 10.30am to the hotel, not surprising that the room wasn’t ready so I stowed my bag and went walking.  Took quite a few piccy’s around southbank before heading to the information centre and grabbing some brochures.  Oh yeah and it’s been raining since I’ve arrived.  After seeing what I could do I thought I might as well head to the markets.  Wasn’t too bad - they didn’t have a bag of jumper that I have been looking for though.  Getting to the markets was pretty good, I took their free city tram.  It’s a loop in one of their old trams.  So I pretty much just walked around with the backpack getting heavier and heavier.  Of course the NAB atm had to be broken so I will be charged some fees in my next statement.  What joy.


So after all that and my feet getting worse and worse…  I got the tram back to my hotel and I was able to check in.

Ferry on the Yarra River passing under a low bridge.
  I’m looking out into the courtyard, but the room is very basic with old fittings.  I shouldn’t complain though at least I have a double bed.  There’s also a pizza menu on the table, but I didn’t look too closely at it as the mould (yes mould) on the menu didn’t give such a good impression.


So tonight I’m off to see the Moosehead awards (comedy festival) and tomorrow a full day at the Grampians.


Oh yes, one last thing.  I really don’t understand the road rules here - turning right from a left hand lane, but then at other times turning right from the tram lines.

'Arty' building in Federation Square.



The evening went okay.  Takeaway is the same price as Brissie (or at least most things anyway).  I got to the hall a bit early, so I thought to take a few photos’ down near the water.  I had a lot of trouble with the night shots, so I though I’ld rest the camera on a fence, and after a while I looked down and noticed that I rested up a colony of ants.  Well done.  I had quite a few of the blighters nipping me. 


The benefit night was quite good.  If you want to know more about the moosehead, then visit


The acts were quite entertaining and there were only a couple of comedians who I didn’t enjoy so much.  There was this one really annoying girl just behind me, she had quite an Irish accent, and her laugh (cackle really) was annoying a few people.  She would laugh at times that weren’t funny (think of those who laugh at always the wrong moment, and would keep going for half a minute).  So she was quite distracting at times and a few times people were looking directly back wondering who was making such a noise.  Still an entertaining night and a short walk back to the hotel (my feet are sore and more walking tomorrow).

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My hotel room
My hotel room
Couryard where my hotel room looke…
Couryard where my hotel room look…
Highest fully residential building
Highest fully residential building
Ferry on the Yarra River passing u…
Ferry on the Yarra River passing …
Arty building in Federation Squa…
'Arty' building in Federation Squ…
photo by: jendara