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Working on my girly-girl look.

Are there "comfort clothes" like there is "comfort food"?  You betcha!

When I do a trip like this, I usually go for practical and comfortable. Also, things that are space-efficient.

That usually rules out jeans, dammit.  What is it about Americans and our jeans? Jeans are to my wardrobe what a thin-crust sausage pizza is to my stomach:  comfort.  They can get dirty (the jeans, not the pizza). They're easy to pair up with shirts. They are comfort. They feel like home.

But they take up too much room in my luggage and they really brand me as a "tourist" so I leave them at home.

I have found skirts, suprisingly, to be excellent travels clothes. Since I usually wear skirts about....once a year, this is a bit suprising.

All the luggage I need for a 3-week trip to Europe. The bag over my shoulder (that you canĀ“t really see) is all reading material.
But I blend in better, I am never inappropriately dressed for museum, mosque, church, or dinner, they are looser and therefore cooler in warm climates, and they take up very little room in my suitcase.

As I've said, I wear skirts about once a year (yes, year) so you can imagine I'm not what you'd call a girly-girl. I wear make-up about once a year. My hair is definitely "wash and wear".  This trip, however, I'm trying something new.

I'm going all-girl all the time. My suitcase is nothing but skirts (OK, one pair of pants, one pair of shorts). Skirts and tank tops. Cleavage-enhancing tank tops.

Why in the world?  Not because I want to be harassed. Not because I want to pick up stray men (I'm travelling with my husband and he would object, oddly enough). But there's something about my mid-40s that wants to explore what it means to be intentionally .... girly.

I'd rather do that in a foreign country where no one knows me than at home!  Also, my day-to-day work situation is actually inappropriate for skirts. The people I go to church with would probably faint if I started showing up in something besides jeans.

It's going to be a bit of an adventure. If I find I just can't handle it, I may have to go shopping in Spain. :) What the heck, travel is a time to be a little adventurous. What's "adventurous" will be different for each of us.

For this middle-aged broad, it's expressing her inner girly-girl!


superduperfantastic says:
I have a lot of skirts to bring to Spain too!! Hopefully I didn't overpack... :/ But yeah, so not a girly girl here either. The only time I even possibly get dressed up is for work, and that's not even often.
Posted on: May 24, 2007
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Working on my girly-girl look.
Working on my girly-girl look.
All the luggage I need for a 3-wee…
All the luggage I need for a 3-we…