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Every long trip needs an admin day. A day without travel. A day to sleep in, do laundry, check the web, mail postcards, buy souvenirs, go the bank. 

I try to have one every 5 - 7 days on a long trip.  This was ours.

Slept in. Did laundry. Bought train tickets.

And got a massage.  My hip has been giving me problems a little every day (I knew it would).  Jeff´s back was hurting (as he knew it would).  So apparently we have to add "massage" to our admin days.

Remember the baths of two days ago?  Well, like a proper spa, they also offer massage.  Back to the baths. First, I had to strip down and put on a bathrobe. Unfortunately, the robe didn´t quite close in front (I´m not that huge, am I? Or do only skinny people get massages in Spain?).  So I wrapped a towel around me, then put on the robe.

The room was teeny-tiny and tile covered. No windows. Lit entirely by votive candles. Just the table (which effectively filled the room from on end to the other) and just enough room on either side for the MT to work. One small sink.

It´s lovely ambience but I´d never be able to work in there.  My feet are too big!

The MT spoke a little English. She assumed I´d want my shoulders worked on (ah, something in common with the American market!).  She was suprised when I indicated that my shoulders and back weren´t bothering me, nor my legs.  Just my posterior pelvis and hips. But she agreed to work there.

The session I´d requested was 25 minutes of therapeutic massage and 20 minutes of stretching.  She used warmed oil and began working on my hips.  She indicated that she understood why I requested the work I did once she got her hands on my glutes.  :)

She also worked up the back, explaining that they were interconnected (I agree). She lightly felt around my shoulder blades and went "ah!".  I had to laugh. Yes, I have major knots around my shoulder blades. They´ve been there a very long time.  So she couldn´t resist, she had to work on my shoulders too.

I understand the compulsion. I get it too.

I was impressed by her work. It reminds me of what we learn in school and I have to re-learn all the time -- deep and effective does not have to mean hard and painful.  She never really "dug in", yet the work she did was very effective.  She clearly knew what she was doing.

The stretches she did on my hips, again, were not excessive but very very effective.  Good work!

I asked her afterwards a little about her training. She indicated that she had to go to the university to be able to do therapeutic massage. You can just take a course (she indicated that it could be pretty short) to do relaxation massage.  Most of the MTs at the baths do relaxation work. There may be only 1 or 2 that do therapeutic work.

I think I understood that her training was similar to physical therapy in some ways.

I love getting massages in foreign countries and comparing styles, work, and training.

If any of my students are reading this:  yes, I intend to take the expense as a business deduction!  :)

So, if you are in Spain and need a massage to un-kink anything, make sure you ask for therapeutic massage (the words are close enough to English that you should recognize it in a menu).

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photo by: JP-NED