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Hey, other people understand "international loitering" too.


There are things about the Spanish lifestyle that don´t suit me.  Dinner at 11 pm for example.  It´s just tough to wait that long, even if I´m not hungry.  It just seems wrong!

I am grooving, however, on this whole mid-afternoon siesta business. I loves me a good nap!  In fact, I siesta´d for 4 hours today!  Now, that´s a nap!

Jeff and I spent quite some time on the internet last night trying to find a Lutheran church anywhere in Spain. No luck. So, I went with Plan B -- the Episcopalians. I did find an Anglican English language church about 1.5 miles from our hotel with 3 services. I decided to try for the 8:30 a.m. service.

Sunday morning, while Jeff snoozed, I stepped out for their 8:30 service.

Nebraska! I took this just for our housemate Tina (it´s a cafe).
There are very few people on the streets of Madrid at 7:30 in the morning. Most of them are heading home from their night of partying. Also, there is NO place to eat! Even McDs is closed at that hour of the morning.

Ah, well, I won´t die if breakfast takes another hour or two.

The church was a little farther than I thought (that happens to me a lot!) but I found it and went inside, the first person to arrive.

It was a small chapel. Seats maybe 50. Whitewashed walls. Dark wood pews. Stained glass windows around the altar.

Shortly, 3 50/60-soemthing British people came in. The priest -- youngish guy -- walked in right at 8:30 and began the service.

Similar to Augustana but no music (8:30 is spoken).

A human statue. I can´t imagine holding still for the amount of time they do.
Flipping back and forth in the Anglican book of worship. Older language (thee and thou). Quiet.

They were, however, quite friendly at the passing of the peace. Communed as a single group. It was what I needed to ground and center me. The pastor was quite friendly afterwards.

I get the feeling it's a warm and friendly congregation, in a British Anglican kinda way.

I will rejoice to be back at Augustana with the exuberance and joy (compared to Anglicans anyways!).

I found a little coffe and tea shop after church for breakfast. I ended up ordering a half-panini of 4 cheeses. Oh, how I love cheese and the Spanish have some excellent cheese!

I also ordered a traditional hot chocolate. It can best be described as warm and just drinkable chocolate pudding. Sticks to the spoon.

Jeff enjoying the first of *many* glasses of sangria. He`s undertaking a survey of sangria across Spain!
Thick on the tongue. Oh so chocolately! I was tempted to order another (even a large is probably 8 ounces) but resisted.

They also had "American chocolate" on the menu. I hope it wasn't Nestle´s instant!

I´ve been trying to modify my eating habits to the Spanish schedule. Light meals several times a day, dinner quite late (no earlier than 9 pm). It takes some thinking about.

Had a long ramble home (I was not lost, just .... exploring. Yeah, that´s it, exploring.). Rousted Jeff and went across the street to a bakery for his breakfast and another snack for me. He bit into his bun and completely covered his beard and mustache with flying powdered sugar and oozing white dream. It was pretty funny but he was adamant that I not take a picture of it.

Another street performer -- playing the insides of harpsicord like a dulcimer.
Party pooper.

After going back upstairs to clean up (!) we did a walking tour from our travel guide.  It was fun to wander through back streets and interesting alleyways.  Some of the stuff we´d seen last night, some of it was new.

After the wander, we stopped at a sidewalk cafe (Spain appears to be completely full of them; what a delight!) and had some cheese, ham (the ham is only out-ranked by the cheese!) and a small potato and egg fritata thing that was excellent.

It´s a fabulous thing to do on a sunny, breezy pretty day.

Then back to the hotel for the 4-hour siesta.

We finally got some dinner about 8:30 (again, an excellent meal). While waiting for the restaurant to open, we struck up a conversation with two American guys standing in line in front of us. We ended up asking them to join us for dinner.

They both just graduated from college (Rutgers and Penn State).  They start new jobs next week so decided to go to Europe.  How did the choose Portugal and Spain? Those were the cheapest flights they could find!  They made no hotel reservations, deciding when and where to go specifically as they felt like it. They´ve been pretty lucky so far. They only had to shell out big bucks for a fancy hotel one night when they couldn´t find anywhere cheap to sleep.

These guys know how to travel!

It was great to have someone else at dinner. As much as Jeff and I enjoy each others company, it´s nice to have new people to talk to as well. In talking to them, I also realized how much I´ve had a chance to travel.   A dozen different countries over the course of my life and I´m not done yet.

That´s a good life.

We headed back to the hotel about 10, just as the sun was setting. We were asleep by 11:30 (even Mr. Night Owl Jeff). I think I´m wearing him out.  :)


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