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Are we cute or what?


My big goal today was the Prado museum. It is widely recognized as one of the finest art museums in the world. It´s a must-see on everyone´s list of things to do in Madrid (and Spain, for that matter).

In the morning, we slept in and took care of some of administrative tasks.

Then, lunch and off to the Prado.

It is everything it´s reputed to be.  It´s not as huge as, say, the Louvre but it is huge.  We followed a tour recommended by the Rick Steve´s guidebook and it was quite useful. 

I find art museums very refreshing and relaxing. They kind of re-fill my soul when I´m drained. All that beauty, all that creativity, all that color.  Today was no exception.

A big picture of boats! Jeff had to take a picture.
We spent about 4 hours there and I felt joyful and full-up again when I left.

And, you won´t believe this, I ran into one of my students there!!  No kidding.  I´m on my way out and I hear someone calling my name.  I know it´s not Jeff because he´s already left (his back and ankles were bothering him).  There were plenty of Americans there, so I though they were calling for someone else.

But I turned around was one of my students!  From this semester!!  The school is on break this week because of Memorial Day so he and 3 friends are doing 10 days in Spain!

He knew I was on vacation but he didn´t know I was in Spain. I also ran into a student in a Seattle chocolate shop last year. I can find my students anywhere!  Guess I´ll see him again in 2 weeks when I teach class again.  :)

In the collection, I especially loved the Rubens. They are so alive, so expressive, so sensual, so humorous, so real.  El Greco is kinda weird but fascinating. Not nearly as weird as Hieronymus Bosch.  Enjoyed Titian.

See how I throw those names around like I actually know what I´m talking about?  How slick is that? ;)

I spent 4 hours in there and I could have spent more.  I seriously need to make more time for the National Gallery etc. at home.  And, hey, it´s free at home!

Afterwards, Jeff and I wandered, snacked, wandered some more.  Nothing of note.  Just a casual evening in Madrid.

What a way to live.


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Are we cute or what?
Are we cute or what?
A big picture of boats! Jeff had t…
A big picture of boats! Jeff had …
photo by: vulindlela