The Final Frenzy

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Every trip, I promise myself I won't be frenzied in the days leading up to departure.

Failed, once again.

It's not the trip planning itself that throws me off.  I'm 3/4 packed, know what else I need, have all the details, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

It's my work life!  I always think that because I'm a self-employed massage therapist, it will be easier than when I was a corporate-employed tech writer. Wrong!

When I was a corporate drone, there was always someone else to pass my work off to.  Now, there's only me!  Plus, I teach massage students and write massage newsletters. Those deadlines and schedules don't move for me. So I'm doing my "headless chicken" routine this week to get ready to go.

Sleep deprivation?  That's what the 7-hour flight to Madrid is for!  Thanks to the travelling hubby, we're also flying business class, so I know I'll be able to sleep.  He actually now plans for me to just collapse a few days into our vacations and sleep for 24 hours. That's when he does the things I won't want to join him on.

For a guy who mostly can't plan, he sure knows how to plan around me!  :)

48 hours and counting.

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