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Cant believe I did not even blog about this... Jeez... All my priorities in life went haywire. Been drinking too much, partying too hard, eating too much. No suprise that Im uber fat & fugly now, with flabs and really bad skin. Dark eye rings, obvious wrinkles, tan skin, bad hair cut, argh... or are these just signs of getting old. Well, not gonna be a slacked, gonna rejuvenate myself... like right now!!

Guess its time to refocus on whats important and..... whos important... :)

Ok back to the topic.

Club Med... ahh... Paradise on earth... literally.

Was a refreshing break for me & sayang, to just chill out, relax, rekindle the sparks... tee hee. Theres not much we want to do, apart from just rest & relax. Everything we possibly want is there. Which is why its literally a paradise for us. Just wished it was a 2 week stay rather than just 3 nights.

Where do I start the story, theres just so much to tell. Although its been a month plus since, every detail is still so vivid to me. but DAMN, should have blogged about this early. Anyways, better late than never I guess.

Lets start with what Club Med is famous for. The GOs!!!

The GO(Guest Officers) there were simply superb! Friendly, energetic, charismatic, they are the ones who made the stay in the village more memorable. They made extra effort to chat with with the guest, get to know us better, made sure we are comfortable, took note of our feedbacks (we made some minor comments and they were taken care of), but most importantly they were just simply everywhere!! There werent too many of them actually, but somehow they always seem to be around. Teleportation? haahhaa.. they seemed to!

Most of the time, we just bum around by the beach or pool, reading, chatting, people watching. Free flow of any drinks, juices, beer, cocktails.... obviously i went for the cocktails. Have tons of them, maybe bout 10 glasses a day... Minimum! Tried all the conventional ones, till the bartender made me his own concussions... SUPER UBER YUMMY STUFF!!!!~~!!~~!!

The stuff this bartender makes me comes in various colours... weird colours..  but all tasted really good.

My Fav. We named this 708. :)

The beach is awesome. A lil bit too strong current for my liking, but the waves were fun to play with. At 1st I was a lil afraid (being the lil coward I am), eventually, after several time Sayang coaxed me to finally enjoy the waves. It was all thumbs up after that!!

We just love love love camwhoring in the ocean dont we! :)

As always, loving the sunsets by the beach. The fuzzy warm feeling is just precious... makes me smile each time I look at this pic.

Still within the 1st yr of marriage, Sayang is just so sweet.. :)

Wonder if he will still do this 5 yrs down the road...

Loving my holiday.. :)

 Activities are aplenty. One can never be bored in Club Med. Theres Yoga, Diving, snorkling, flying fox, water sports, etc.... HOWEVER.... boozing since 8am makes it rather impossible to be too active throughtout the day.  :P

Decor changes every night in Club Med Village. So much effort was put in to impress us, and its amazing how creative they can be. This was local cultural night (Thai style)

And they have Asian Night, this was the Chinese Street

Performances were just amazing. The GOs transformed into entertainers at night, and each night theres a different theme that comes along with the decor, music, attire and performances. Wowza eh? And everything is transformed within 2 hrs while most guest are taking a nap or getting ready for dinner in their rooms.

Food, is always my favourite part of every holiday. They serve a variety of food, ranges from western to jap & korean to local thai. They even have a variety of dessert from various countrys. Apparently some Jap desserts are flew in from Japan and some super yummy packets of seaweed are fresh from Korea. Again, amazed at the amount of effort put in, to ensure the VVIP treatment.

Breakfast is always my special meal of the day. I love to wake up really early and enjoy being one of the 1st few people there for breakfast. Love to choose the best table around with a view of the ocean and slowly enjoy my breakfast. It could take up to almost 2 hours sometimes.... savouring every single bite while enjoying the view, chit chatting with sayang & other guest, or simple just zone out with my book. :)

I miss this so much!!!!! Jap sticky rice with loads of pickles, some sort of vege soup, salted eggs & century eggs... SUper SUper YUMMY! Argh... where can i find these here...

A memorable dish... prawn fritters in sweet sour spicy sauce...

Pigs Blood Sausages.. its actually really good!

Being me, I tried some street food as well, was pretty good! Meat on skewers. :)

We celebrated Sayangs Bday there. Ordered lovely Choc Cuppies from Buns In The Over (Sheryl Ong), took it all the way to Club Med and had it as dessert for dinner. We shared them with the GOs who so kindly sang Happy Birthday. :)

*Look t the lil kid checking us(me?) out... hahahahaha

We made some friends there, with random people from all over the world. Theres this old Jap couple who told us such lovely stories of their travels throughout Asia, and how they absolutely love Thailand. Theres also this Korean family who striked us as weirdos, and their kids ate SOOOOOOOoo much yet so small in size. THe boy was actually 11 yrs old and we thought he looked no where older than 5! Theres also some Americans, we got chummy with this dude, Luke, who came with his huge family, prob 10 of them. He was just darn glad he could have cool beer all day long in this humid weather.

All in all, it was a lovely holiday.

soonthiam says:
lovely photos. Memories are made of these.:)
Posted on: Jun 15, 2011
cocottedepolliat says:
Great pics!!! Food sounds to be so good!!
Posted on: Nov 30, 2009
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