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The Inca steps that take you up to the ruins.

Today was another great day on the trip.  I went to small city about a half hour away from Cuzco called Tipon.  I saw one other tourist that probably wasn´t Peruvian, which I love.  I small city that allows you to see how it is really run.  The 30 minute bus ride cost 60 cents and dropped me off on a highway a little ways away from the center of town.  I was a little nervous when I realized that I was the only foreigner around, but I started to walk into town. 

As I walked, I passed fields being plowed like they were probably done in the USA a hundred years ago.  In the middle of a street there was calf nursing and people were coming out of their houses followed by their livestock that they were leading to pasture.

A cow relaxes in front of an Adobe house in Tipon.
  I had trouble finding the route to the local Inca ruins, but I started following two women who were leading a few bulls and sheep to pasture.  They were incredible nice and I couldn´t believe it as I was following her and her animals.

I ended up taking an old Inca route that was not in great shape up the mountain.  When I got to the top, I got yelled at for ignoring the path closed sign.  I quickly acted like I didn´t understand a word of Spanish and moved on.  The site was very well kept for how few tourists appeared to visit it and it was apparently a great location for the Incas use of hydraulics to get water from underground springs.

The best part was the walk back into town where I could see the town in action.

Main street in Tipon. Dog roaming the streets in Peru are common. Many are people´s pets and they just let them roam during the day. This one could only use three legs.
  Men working making adobe blocks, women were using plows to dig up carrots, and I appeared to go unnoticed as I watched the kids play in the streets.

Afterwords I had lunch at a local restaraunt which was one of my primary purposes for coming to Tipon.  They are known for their cuy (guinea pig).  I have attached a picture, but some people may not want to look as the cuy is served whole (with head, teach and fingernails all intact).  I didn´t like it too much because there really wasn´t much meat on the bones so I felt like it was way too much work.  The Peruvians normally only eat it on special occassions (birthdays or other parties), but I would be happy with a nice alpaca steak for my birthday.

dwsmith1000 says:
Nah, the guinea pig ain't too bad . . . still thinking andouilette is worse. So did it taste like chicken?
Posted on: Jul 26, 2007
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The Inca steps that take you up to…
The Inca steps that take you up t…
A cow relaxes in front of an Adobe…
A cow relaxes in front of an Adob…
Main street in Tipon.  Dog roaming…
Main street in Tipon. Dog roamin…
The ruins above Tipon
The ruins above Tipon
The ruins above Tipon
The ruins above Tipon
This is my attempt at trying the P…
This is my attempt at trying the …
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