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The crowd pulls a dragging tire through the main avenue in Cuzco. There were a few thousand people in the ´parade´of protestors.

The teachers have officially started their protests today.  Joining them have been workers from various other occupations that belong to the same union.  I stopped by my Spanish language school where I start lessons on Monday and they reported that they are not affected by the protests.  The teachers are apparently protesting a new government proposal that requires teachers to be certified through a standardized test.  The liberal teachers union in the south of the country doesn´t mess around when they complain. 

Not a single car was in town when I woke up, stores were closed and the streets were filled with thousands of people protesting.  Last night there were more taxi´s than people but things change quickly here.  My understanding is that all major highways and trafic in the south of the country have been stopped.

A few police officers follow up the rear.
  Stores that were open around the protests only had their doors open a few feet and looked prepared to shut them if violence broke out.  The police were present and the President has announced that violence will not be tolerated, but the police were far outnumbered.  Normally the protest will only last two days making tomorrow the last day.  Luckily, I start my four day hike to Manchu Picchu early tomorrow morning and won´t be around for any fun that happens back here.

The fun of traveling...

Last night while they were changing the tire on our truck I met a nice French-German couple, Czech couple, Brazilian couple and a couple from Los Angelos- New Zealand.   In addition, another interesting couple was from Latonia, KY and the guy helps run Arnolds Bar in downtown Cincy....such a small world.  While we are all standing around talking an indegenous Peruvian was five feet away, pulled down her stockings and pulled up her skirt and did her business.  I guess when you got to go, you got to go.

The next couple of days....until Sunday I will be visiting the Inca Trail and one of the seven wonders of the world (Macchu Picchu).  I know you will all miss my daily updates but you can supposedly follow my exact location via the magic  of gps by using this link...

robmoeddel says:
Pictures are awesome. Part of me wishes I was there with you but most of me is glad I am drinking clean water and not leaking out of both ends. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
Posted on: Jul 18, 2007
dwsmith1000 says:
OK, the GPS thing was pretty cool. Checked it out when you were close to Winewayna
Posted on: Jul 14, 2007
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The crowd pulls a dragging tire th…
The crowd pulls a dragging tire t…
A few police officers follow up th…
A few police officers follow up t…
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