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My Interrail mates and I spent 1 day in Sarajevo. By the end of the day, we only had around 1€ with us and we were wondering what can we do with 1 € (does this remind you of the scene from Eurotrip film?). We spent our last coins by entering the Museum of Austro-Hungarian period, and we had no idea what was waiting  us inside.


We found out later that the museum was built to commemorate the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, a heir of the Austrian Hungarian throne, who were shot dead while travelling in an open-air car. I didn’t score well in high school in history and it was here that I’ve learnt about the assassination of the Archduke, and it was one of the causes that lead to World War 1.


The museum is in fact a small room with all the stuffs that are related to the events which include the photos, clothes, newspaper cutting and video. We spent more than 30 minutes, watching the video that described and reenacted this historical event.


During the Archduke’s visit to Sarajevo to make an inspection of the Austro-Hungarian troop there, a Serbian terrorist group, well trained in bomb throwing,  planned to kill the Archduke who was on the way to do the inspection.The first two terrorists were unable to throw their grenades because the streets were too crowded and the car was travelling quite fast whilst  the third terrorist, threw a grenade that exploded under the car following that of the Archduke.  The Archduke and his wife however were unhurt even if  some of his attendants were injured and had to be taken to hospital.


He later planned on visiting the injured attendants in the hospital and that when everything happened. His cab took a wrong turn, and when the driver realized it and tried to make a detour,  another terrorist,  stepped forward and fired two shots. The first hit her pregnant wife  in the stomach and it was the second one shot hit  him in the neck. He died a short while later.


A short stop, that cost us 1 € but with this 1€,  we’ve learnt about the events that we’ve never aware of. And that’s the beauty of travelling. Some people travelled just to shopping, another prefers to add the collection of his fridge magnets. It is rare to find a person that travels to learn about the culture and history of the other country. Try and do so, you will have a different experience!

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photo by: herman_munster