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I have to be honest, I remember little about this night besides having a suprisingly good meal (complete with dancing girl, as usual, who can't have been older than 19) and a little wander around the Medina at night where, to be fair, it really does come alive. Loads of random things going on. But nothing you wouldn't expect, so to speak. Night is actually better in Marrakesh, you get harrassed a lot less. Hardly at all in fact. My advice to you, reader, if you do decided to ignore me and travel to this god-forsaken rathole, is to stay in and chill during the day and do your shit at night. You'll probably find yourself much less stressed.

So the next day we headed to the airport and, to my great relief, Easyjet flight back to London Gatwick.

After paying only half the fare it cost to get into Marrakesh first time round, of course. How could I leave without realising that, once again, I'd been blatantly screwed? Indeed. Not much to say, normal stuff and Marrakesh airport isn't much to shout about but at least they have aircon. When we did board the crew were probably the most amusing bunch yet, ending with this upon arrival at Gatwick:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, for those who have just woken up, Easyjet is pleased to welcome you to Singapore where the local time is 13:45..."

Ridiculously enough this did actually lead to a few passengers who'd been alseep looking around in fright! Speaking of which, there was one final incident in Marrakesh at the airport. Turns out there was an airtraffic controllers strike in France the same day, causing the last two French flights to Nantes and Lyon to be cancelled. This did not go down well with the waiting Frenchmen, who responded with a chorus of booing and, rather oddly, hissing like a pissed off cat and then, much like a swam of locast, proceeded to surround the poor flight attendent at the gate near them and all have a go at the baffled man at once. I'm sure I heard various words which I probably shouldn't quote, limited through my francais is.

Still, I suppose it's hard to blame them. The idea of being stuck in Morroco another night would have worked me up into a crazed frenzy too!

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