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So in order to get away from the annoyance of Marrakesh we figured it'd be a grand idea to head to the mountains surrounding it. After all, Marrakesh is pretty much tourist central in Morocco so I'm sure the further away you get from it, the more normal and less greedy the people become right? Right? Hmm....

Evidently not, we were to discover. The private taxi we hired was alright on the whole, he stuck to the agreed price althrough he was only prepared to stop at certain places because the others were "no good" and also not owned by people he knew. Odd that. Anyway, he dropped us off in some village somewhere (the name escapes me) which included a look at how Berbars continue their day to day existance. Moderatly interesting. Particularly because they've gotten no further than 9th centery England.

But I suppose it doesn't matter when you've got tourists ready to tip you to look at this prehistoric way of making bread. Sure, it was clever back in the day but it's like time stood still in this place.

Anywho, we were then treated to a trek up part of the mountains by a guide who was initially friendly and informative. To cut it short, as basically all we did was climb up and then back down after looking at a waterfall, which took about an hour in total, we arrived back at the taxi and the guide wanted paying. Fair enough you say. We offered about £10 which seemed fair as it's a poor country and he did bugger all really. He staunchly refused to be paid less than £30! Not being funny but even as a rich westerner myself I don't make £30 a hour.

In fact I make less than half of that. Needless to say I was not impressed by his immense greed (common theme, you'll note) which lead to an arguement (during which my driver unsuprisingly sided with his friend) and after agreeing to give him nothing (he sarcastically called it a gift and walked off) the taxi driver took my tenner and said he'd give it to him later and "smooth things over". Sure, whatever. I've no idea if he ever recieved the cash but I paid fairly so I feel no guilt.

So after that we returned to the Riad and chilled out for a bit.

I'd like to make the point that the Atlas Mountains themselves are fairly grand and very picturesque. It's just a shame about the people which seems to be a common problem in Morocco. They constantly leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.

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Atlas Mountains
photo by: jeanettestenersen