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I'm a R.E.M. fan since I heard "Losing my religion" in 1991 for the first time. From a first crush to this song, a long time growing love to the music developed. In 2004 I finally joined their fanclub. When I got an email from them in early spring 2007 where they announced a special event coming up, I got curious about what this would be.  Fans all over the world puzzeled about it and the fantastic theories appeared on different fan sites. One of it was Murmurs.com. where I'm registered to.

I met some nice people there and some of them I've already met on concerts in 2005 before and we became friends.

Finally Day X came and the announcement was made (I got the email while I was at work). 5 days of working rehearsals in a small theatre in Dublin on june 30 and july 1 - 5 - exclusively for fanclub members.
My ticket :D
Tickets were limited to 2 for every concert. The second I read this it was clear I have to react fast. I tried to call some friends to discuss if they'll join me. I wanted to go there no matter what will happen, even if it would be the end of the world!!

I couldn't reach anybody :( All of them were at work and not reachable. I decided to try it again later. In the meantime I checked the internet for some cheap flights and I found one with Ryan Air from Bremen which is only 1 1/2 hours by car.

In the evening I finally reached my friends but, except Christian, all of them weren't interest in (too busy, too expensive, too this and that - lol). He was fond of the idea but he had to discuss it with his wife since she wouldn't join us. I told him not to think too long about it. I had all details for him. Price for the ticket and flight. After 5 minutes he called me back and told me he would join me :) What a relief. I hate to travel alone. I bought tickets for the concert at July 3rd and flight tickets. Outward July 2nd, back July 4th. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was happy and excited.

Same night I talked to a friend from the UK and she had got a ticket for the same day and already had booked a hotel in Dublin. She asked me if I would join her there. I said yes, since Christian wanted to sleep in a hostel because it's cheaper. I'm too old for sharing a room with 11 other people - lol - therefore I prefered the hotel with Jules ;)

Well, after all the preparations and looking forwards too, finally July 2nd came. Our plane should take off at 3 p.m. and we decided to go by train due to the overpriced parking spaces at airports. I arrived at Christian's home at 10 a.m. and we went off to the station. The train came in time and we arrived Bremen around noon. We looked for the Ryan Air counter which wasn't easy to find. It's in a small building next to the main building. Checking in was kind of an adventure. Everything is on a limit. What did I await? The return ticket was 36 € - cheaper than the train ticket from Goldenstedt to Bremen - lol.

We arrived Dublin 2 hours later and wanted to go downtown by bus but I couldn't find the one we should take. I got the information from people living there. I looked for the platform but nothing. So, I thought maybe he gave us the wrong number of the bus. So, we entered a bus with a similar number which headed downtown, too. Of course it was the wrong one!!! Before we got lost we decided to take a taxi for the rest of our way. Christian joined me to make sure I would arrive my destination safely although his hostel was in a different area. He went back by bus (the people in the hotel told us the right number) when he was sure Jules showed up. But not before we arranged where and when we'll meet up for dinner.

Meeting Jules was amazing. We chatted so much via email and msn and knew eachother well but we never met before. She's a great friend and I wasn't disappointed by meeting her :D

First we refreshed ourselves and had a short rest before we went off to meet Christian again. We found a nice italian restaurant where we had dinner. It was expensive but great. Then we headed to a pub next to the Olympia Theatre (the location where the concerts took place) where we wanted to meet up with another friend from the webpage but he didn't show up. He didn't even text us that he wouldn't come. We were a bit disappointed. We 3 had a good talk about R.E.M.'s music and what it means to us. A guy (Mark) at the table next to us outed himself as a fan, too. He's from Australia and had tickets for all 5 nights. So he had seen them twice already. He was very enthusiastic about the new stuff they played.

Time ran by and after some bottles of red wine and beer Jules and me walked back to the hotel. Christian and Mark stayed at the same hostel and went to the other direction. We arranged a location and time for next day for breakfast since either the hotel nor the hostel had some to offer. Totally exhausted after such an exciting day we headed to bed and felt asleep soon.

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My ticket :D
My ticket :D
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