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I had to get up really early because was being picked up and had to drive to Kampala to catch the bus to Entebbe. Of course the restaurant hadn't opened for the day. I only had a little water left, but luckily I had brought some crackers from home, so I had something to eat. We drove through some small town areas during the hour it took to get to Kampala and made it to the bus in good time. It was a post office bus that also had passengers. It was me, and then the rest locals, I did get some funny looks, but they were all smiling at me and made me feel really comfortable. I took a window seat where I could open the window so I could take pictures.
We started the 9-hour journey, but I was excited! When I get to a new country or city there is always so much to see, so I was just sitting there, entertaining myself by staring out the window.
We got to a little market place where the bus made a quick stop. There were a lot of young men who came running to the bus and held up boxes with water, cookies and meat on a stick. I didn't know how it worked and how much things were supposed to be, but took careful note of what the others on the bus did. The next stop there were more young men, I already had the right amount of money in my hand, but I was a little slow and suddenly the bus started moving again. It didn't take long before we had another stop and this time I was ready. I had the window open, grabbed a bottle of water and some crackers (I didn't dare to try the meat on the stick) and a little to eager I dropped the money on the ground, but the seller was fast to get it. So now, with "food" and water, I was ready to enjoy the rest of the bus ride.

We finally reached our destination and also here I was supposed to be met by someone. I got outside, the bus left, and I suddenly felt very alone and it would not have been hard for the guy to find me, I kind of stood out with my big backpack and blond hair. This time I didn't know the name of the hotel so I just had to wait. I sat down on my backpack and waited. There was a guy that went past me a few times and then he came over to me. He asked me if someone were supposed to meet me. I told him yes, but I didn't know who, and I didn't know what hotel I was going to, but told him the name of the tour company I booked with. He smiled and said he knew the guys that worked there and if I could give him money to put money on his phone, he would call them for me. I gave him a little (probably not more than 50cents, but it was enough he said). He left and I thought I'd never see him again, but 5minutes later he came back, made a phone call and two minutes later my ride was there. I couldn't thank him enough!!
After dinner (finally a real meal which was only about $1-2) I went to the bar which was a little building outside the main building and had my first Ugandan beer.
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photo by: AgniAgni