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Hi all

After on hell of a long day i finally arrived in Kolkata. It's just like i never left India and i love it!
I must look like a newcomer though, at the airport after pre paying for a taxi a driver took off with my receipt and made me follow him all the way to the other end of the carpark (no easy task after no sleep for 24hrs+ and a backpack) then said i still had to pay the fare and the receipt only covered taxes and service charges. He seemed shocked when i wasn't going to put up with his little scam.

Eventually got the correct taxi and ended up sharing with this english guy who lives here and has set up many schools for poor kids, shame am not here longer i would of loved to visit them. He gave me lots of tips and even more suggestions of where to go! I have a huge list of places I wanna visit now, I don''t think 5months will be long enough.

Anyway eventually the taxi dropped me off on sudder street (the place to be for backpackers) All that was left to do was to dodge beggars, sellers and taxi drivers and find my way to the hotel. Once checked in I fell asleep at 7:30 and slept right through until 7am - I needed it!

So this morning I went for a wonder for a few hours and of course got glared at by everyone and followed by beggars and taxi drivers (they seem to think all westerners are lazy and couldn't understand why i was walking) where ever i went. To anyone who's never been to India this must sound like a terrible place but you get used to just ignoring everyone around you, which can be hard when you've got a 4yr old kid begging for rupees for some 'food' or more likely his boss who will have many children begging for him a la 'slumdog millionaire'. It's too difficult to distinguish between the people who genuinely need help and the fakers. Plus if you give to one you'll end up getting accosted by a hoard of beggars.

So after a good walk i found a bite to eat in a couple of 'kati rolls' which are a roti fried and filled with veg or meat and are delicious. I also got my sim card so my number is 00919836014425. so keep in touch.

After another sleep in the afternoon i went out for some dinner, i love the prices! I got a mushroom and tomato curry, a garlic naan , a litre bottle of water and a fanta all for a quid! Bargain!!

Anyway i leave here on Sunday on a long train journey to New jaipurapuri then spend one night there then to the chilly Darjeeling, i can't wait the picture look amazing!!

Keep in touch guys!

Love Emma xxx

P.s; Hope you had a fab birthday Jodie, Get the hol pics on facebook
surajonly says:
Welcome back to India..Would certainly take my time out to read your blogs, as I need to explore more of India before venturing abroad.. Have a nice stay at Darjeeling :)
Posted on: Oct 25, 2009
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photo by: sky69