A new low - cold, hungry, and sleepless in Copenhagen

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I found this pic - it best sums up my state of mind or my potential need for accomodations at this point.

We landed at 40 minutes before my Norwegian Air flight to Amsterdam would take off. I race to the gate. They have not brought my bag. I ran bag to the plane and a Copenhagen security guy told me that my bag would not be brought to the gate. Copenhagen doesn’t allow that. So, not only did the agent in Vagar misinform me but, also the flight attendant.


I race to the baggage claim, which is VERY far. I get there and now I’ve had to text Rob and have him call Norwegian Air.


I am standing there at the luggage belt and no luggage. It has not only the gate check but also a priority label which should have it come out first. All of the luggage from the flight came and went but, not mine. There was now no luggage on the belt. Rob had called me back and told me that Norwegian Air was not honoring what was printed on my paperwork. The said we had to buy a new ticket with no reduction. I tell him to find something else.


I go get in line for baggage assistance with many others. When it is my turn and I explain, the lady says immediately that 3 bags were found at the GATE. One might be mine. They should be on the belt now. I explained the gate assistant’s insistence that I could not pick up my bag at the plane. This led me waiting from a bag that WAS then sitting at the gate. It was on the belt, now 1 hour after landing. I asked for her assistance due to the fact that the airline not only made me late but lost my luggage and made me miss my connection. She said it was not her responsibility, that I should get in line at transfer services and buy a new ticket.


Basically, neither airline would honor or assist me in this situation which was not of my own making. Disappointment was the least of my emotions.


So, I’m in Copenhagen with no flight and no place to stay. Rob and I worked every option available. We look at many air and train options, most just not really good options. We decided that I would stay in Copenhagen overnight at the hostel that I stayed at before and fly Czech Air with a layover in Prague, tomorrow, and get home late afternoon.


I as tired, furious, defeated, and just wanted to be at home. Obviously that wasn’t going to happen. I called the guesthouse and they had the same room that I stayed at last time. So, I started walking as it’s about 3+ kilometers. It was now 21:30, the time I should be at home. Instead, I’m walking down a dark street in Copenhagen. I had only been to this place once and wasn’t sure of my directions. Rob text me the address but it was off as it listed only the main street and it’s off the main street.


I walked down each dark street off the main street until I saw something that looked familiar. I had found it. I knocked on the front door and no one came. I called and then someone came to the door. I paid the guy for the room but as the ATM would only dispense me 300 kroner, I didn’t only not have the money for food, I didn’t have the money to pay for the bedding/pillow rental. This was a new low for me.


Whatever……………at this point I really didn’t care. Well, there’s more. They couldn’t find the key to the room and there were many people staying there so, no security. Oh, they also don’t lock the front door!!! I put my heavy luggage against the door. Next, no electrical outlet in the room would work so, my phone couldn’t charge and I couldn’t watch anything on my computer. And yes, my phone died, early the next morning. It at least stayed charged long enough to used it as alarm clock. Also, the heat in the room didn’t work, at all. I had to sleep in my clothes and coat with a sweater rolled up for pillow.


I just wanted to get to sleep and get this night over. I tried listening to music to relax, didn’t help.


Please just let me sleep. I had to get up at 7:00 and try this all over again. Let me sleep!


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I found this pic - it best sums up…
I found this pic - it best sums u…
photo by: the_bill