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The romote mountain surrounded Atlantic Coastal village of Famjin.

He said that we needed to hurry as we had to make it to the other side of the huge mountains that were infront of us. He was driving very, very fast along a single lane road where the lane itself is the only flat area, period. The guard rail is fastened to the road underneath. There is shear drop easily in view! He apologized, feeling that he might be scaring me. He was a bit but, I figured that he knew these roads.


Along the way he told me that he, also, had called and found out who had the keys to the church to open it and tell me all about the town and the flag. He had gone out of his way, for me. This was a great example of the extreme friendliness. There was more. He would be leaving me there in Famjin but, had called a driver that lives in the village. He would take me back to meet the ferry. All of this for one person, can you believe it? Again, I thanked him for his effort.


On the way, we talked about our mutual love of hiking.

He told me that during the last summer, he and a group of 29 people hiked from the northernmost point to the southernmost point of the island. They did it in 14 hours. I was shocked that such a feat was possible with the mountainous terrain. He said it was a wonderful experience and planned to do it again, next year. He gave me the web address for the blog about the adventure.


At the top of the mountain, with Famjin below, I asked him to stop for a moment so that I could get a shot, and what a shot it was. The light was fading and a mist was coming over the mountains but, it was so beautiful. A little cluster of houses in a cove, opening up to the big Atlantic Ocean, how Idyllic.


Once we made it to the village he drove to the house of the man who would be showing me the church and the flag.

The pride of Famjin and of all of Foroyar - Merkid, the flag original flag of Foroyar
He then drove me to the church, showed me where there was a toilet. This is a village with no store of any kind….nothing! So, that was very nice of him.


We said our goodbyes and I thanked him again for being so kind. Yeah, Jans Pieter!!!

Just a minute later, a car moves from the house where he had stopped. A little fact: the house that the man lives in is the house that Jens lived in. The man drove to the church. I was surprised as it is a 5 minute walk if you very slow. A little old man, Jaspar, got out. He was a very wise looking man with white hair and a big smile. He asked me if I was from the UK, not the first time I had been asked that, here…..strange, I think.


Anyway, he shook my hand and we proceeded to the front door to the church.

He put his key in the lock…..and… wouldn’t open. He was shocked. They had changed the lock and he didn’t have a key. He said he would be back. The main lady who takes care of the church was in Torshavn, today. He would a few others as there are 5 people with keys.


While I waited, I walked around the cove and enjoyed the scenery; the mountains, the waterfall (of course), the ocean, and the colorful little houses. It had it all. 


He returned shortly with a key that opened the door. It seemed that someone’s key had broken off in the door and the lock had to be replaced.


He turned on all of the lights so that I could see.

Famjin from the jetty at sunset.
It is a small church, simple, but, it’s obvious that its community cares about it. He told me that the fishermen had a practice of praying for safe return and when they did, they would give to the church. Many of the churches in Foroyar were outfitted by this means.


First, he showed me the flag, the first flag of modern Foroyar. It’s a symbol of freedom and pride to all Faroese. The man who created it died four years later. It wasn’t fully accepted until 1948. The Danish were unable to fly their flag during World War II, they flew this flag as a maritime flag.


Jaspar also showed me the cups that had been donated and the hand embroidered lace on the altar. The church received a sprucing up not too long ago. A man in the village died and left a good deal of money to the church. Everyone was surprised that he had any. It’s pretty difficult to surprise a town of 120 but, he did.

Looking out at the peaceful Atlantic from the jetty at Famjin


Jaspar let me take some shots and then he turned off the lights. He walked me out front and we stood at the water’s edge and chatted about life in his village. He told me that the village is shrinking as younger people leave for Torshavn or Denmark or elsewhere. There aren’t people moving to Famjim, they just visit.


I thank him for his hospitality and he bid be a good journey. The bus would be another 30 minutes so I walked along the jetty out into the harbor.


On my way, I passed two little girls, maybe 4 or 5 years old. I said “hello” to them. They didn’t understand but, seemed to be telling me something anyway. It was cute. I told them “good bye” and continued my walk.


 The light was getting dim and the Atlantic looked so beautiful, almost peaceful. The clouds covered the sky but a grey-blue light emanated. It was a wonderful final experience in Famjin.


I could see the lights of the bus as it made its way down the mountain so, I walked to meet it. I got in and off we went. He was a bit slower making the trek over the mountain.


The driver told me that he was born in Famjin but, lived in Torshavn for a while. He decided to move back to have a family. He had been on a fishing boat for a couple of years and that’s no life for a husband and father. He has 3 wonderful children and enjoys his life there. He said that the village was very excited as he and his wife (from Famjim) helped increase the population by 2.5 percent!


At the ferry, he wished me a good journey and I wished him a healthy family.


The ferry was on time and I was beat. I tried to read a magazine or the travel guide but, was just too tired to focus. I laid across 3 seats and rested but, tried not to fall asleep. The ride back seemed much longer than this morning but, we finally arrive in Torshavn at 20:30.


It had been a long day, and incredible journey, and so much more. I felt as if I had been to a different country, today. I had seen more incredible wonders of nature and kindness of man. I had seen important history of this country and learned about what life is like, today.


I couldn’t ask for more!

delsol67 says:
Thank you for your words. I felt such a wonderful feeling being in your village. It is in a special place in my heart.
Posted on: Nov 20, 2010
danjalj says:
Hi :),

I am glad you liked my home village. I am glad someone could see the village for what it truly is.

One thing that still surprises me still - is people missing the experience about being in Famjin. It’s not the church, it’s the nature. There is a huge lake on top of the mountain where you can fish and hike.

When I see tourist come in on the bus, the run into the church – then walk around for ½ an hour. Then the buss comes and the leave – and every time I say to myself!! Another group of people missing out - not truly seeing Famjin in its full perspective.

If you every travel to the Faroe Islands, do you self a favor give this village 1 day and one night minimum – You traveled all this way, take at least this time – you owe that to yourself.

First when you see the big lake “kirkivatn” (Church water) then you truly seen Famjin. There is also a big waterfall and you can ask the locals to take a boat out.

You got the title of this article right ;)

I should know I am from Famjin ;)
Posted on: Nov 20, 2010
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The romote mountain surrounded Atl…
The romote mountain surrounded At…
The pride of Famjin and of all of …
The pride of Famjin and of all of…
Famjin from the jetty at sunset.
Famjin from the jetty at sunset.
Looking out at the peaceful Atlant…
Looking out at the peaceful Atlan…
photo by: delsol67