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Village of Skopun from the port

Part I


Skopun in sight, I went up onto the deck to get a nice approach view. Tiny village is all I can say. It’s cute… most all of the villages are in Foroyar but, not much going on here!


We docked and I could see the bus waiting for us for my final leg of the first half of today’s journey. It would be a few minutes so I walked around the marina and near the center, it was that close, and took a few pics and inspected. It really was another picture perfect village.


There were some terraced streets witth homes rising with the streets. The church was the most prominent town building, and a nice one, too.


Part II


The bus returned and I got on, along with a group of kids.

The rough water journey back from Sandoy!
We picked up another two people at the marina. I hadn’t made it down there. Halfway between the village and the ferry, we dropped the kids off at a center of some kind. I guess they need something to do, right.


Back at Skopun, I could see the ferry. It would be here in just a few minutes. I had my last views of Skopun and then boarded the ferry for the trip back to Gamlaerett. It was cloudy and spitting rain. The wind was picking up but, in the distance I could see a bit of sun setting.


The trip back was just as rough as the trip over. The ride was up and down and up and down. I tried to maintian a horizon line viewpoint to keep my stomach in check. We would rock wildly from side to side while going up and down in the waves. It was a challengeing experiece. I tried to take a video of some of the rough parts but, when I would get the camera out to record it…..the water’s would calm down, whatever!


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Village of Skopun from the port
Village of Skopun from the port
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