An evening of Islandic and Faroese music at the Nordic House

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Fridrick & Jogvan on stage at The Nordic House!

We made it back to Torshavn quickly and we were saying goodbye again.


I made my way back to the guesthouse to have dinner, a rest, and write a bit on the previous day’s blog. Soon, it was time to go. In my quest to same money as this trip is actually a bit outside my normal trip budget, I walked to my concert…..about 2 miles. A taxi would have cost me 12 euro each way, now way!!! Oh, also, the busses stop running after 17:00.


I paid attention as the bus driver had passed the Nordic House on the way in to town. So, it was easy, just far. I made it there in plenty of time, so I had a glass of wine, to relax a bit.

Fridrik & Jogvan, the more I listen, the more they grow on me.
It was a bit awkward that I was in this reception room filled with people and I was alone. It’s times like this that being a solo traveler is awkward.


The Nordic House is an art museum as well and music venue so, I was able to see a bit of Foroyar art….not bad. The building is quite interesting in that it uses cues from nature for its design.


The bell rang for all to be seated. I had no idea what I was in for but, I was in the front row. There was a folksy feel to the setup or maybe an MTV unplugged atmosphere.


Soon the band and backup singer came out. Then the guys made their dramatic appearance. They immediately started singing. I didn’t understand a word but, didn’t expect to. It was music and I would be able to find enjoyment in exploring what another culture listens to.

The guys are mobbed by people wanting an autograph


They sang more Islandic music than Foroyar with a few culturally significant pieces thrown into the more modern mix. I mean no disrespect when I say this but, I think the concert featured the Clay Aikens of Island and the Michael Buble of Foroyar. For cultures that are so very traditional in values, I was surprised that they were so “gaga” over these two young guys. They are so gay!!! This is a personal opinion. Even how they treated each other on stage….I thought that they could have been partners. They had a few exceptional songs and mostly songs with a sound from the early 1980’s American kind of sound. The crowd clapped and cheered like crazy.


During the break they were selling their CD. I bought one and will expose my friends and family to musical expression from some place different.


After the concert was over, the guys made themselves available to autograph the CDs.

They were nice guys - their autographs!
I figured that I had paid to see them in concert and paid for their CD, I should meet them and have an autograph. They were very nice guys and the Islandic guy spoke English very well. He thanked me for buying their CD.


I made my way out and headed back the two miles to the guesthouse. It was raining now and I was happy that I had brought the umbrella that everyone seemed to be starring at. They don’t really use umbrellas here. They get destroyed. I have a super German one and I think it was damaged on this day out at Kirkjubour.


Anyway, I walked a surprisingly quiet city center at 22:00 on a Saturday night. Where were all the people?


In the room, I had a little snack and then wrote on the blog for awhile.

Town center - near the guest house - on my way back from the concert.
Rob went to a movie, actually 3 movies and didn’t get home until very late. My internet was down and we decided to have a quick cell phone call which lasted 30 minutes. I had a lot to say!


After a long and wonderful day of experiencing the nature, history, culture, and friendliness of the people, it was time for sleep. I’m so happy that I made the effort to go to Kirkjubour. It was a memorable experience. I’m, also, happy that I went to the concert. It provided a bit of insight into the people.


What would tomorrow bring. I was thinking of taking the ferry, somewhere. I hope the weather is good…maybe even a touch of sun!?

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Fridrick & Jogvan on stage at The …
Fridrick & Jogvan on stage at The…
Fridrik & Jogvan, the more I liste…
Fridrik & Jogvan, the more I list…
The guys are mobbed by people want…
The guys are mobbed by people wan…
They were nice guys - their autogr…
They were nice guys - their autog…
Town center - near the guest house…
Town center - near the guest hous…
photo by: davidx