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The mural of Thor on the wall of my room.

As I am a budget traveler and it's not possible to fly direct to The Faroe Islands, choosing a cheap air shuttle to Copenhagen late at night and then taking Atlantic Airways (The Faroes national airline) was the way to go. They have daily flights to Torshavn. If you book well in advance the combined ticket is no more than Iceland or the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

So the story begins, I had a 21:30 flight to Copenhagen arriving at 23:00. I checked a piece of luggage this time due to the cold and windy weather expected. I broght bunches of layers and hat, gloves, scarf, and enough clothes that getting wet everyday wouldn't be a problem.

He looks insane and his teeth are really white!

Fifteen minutes before leaving for the airport we finally weigh the bag' too heavy. Well, it's within a kilo of overage. I've already paid for checked bag...I didn't want to now pay for overage!!!  So, I removed some clothes, decided to bring a big backpack (carryon), and redistribute some of the weight to the backpack. In the end I think the backpack and the suitcase weren't too far apart in weight...atleast it felt that way.

But, as usual, I am not running later than I had wanted. I'm not LATE, like Sicily, but, I'm stressed. Rob walks with me to Centraal Station and even to the platform. There was a slight misstep the the platform number but, quickly remedied.

The train was the slow one but, even though it seemed to take forever, I was at Schipol just after 20:00. I checked in with a friendly agent...a nice change (thanks Norwegian Air). In not time, I was through security and standing around doing nothing but, I was ON TIME!!!

The flight was speedy but, it didn't seem to be as there was a little girl (2 ish) that was crying the whole flight. The two ladies sitting beside me asked for headphones due to the noise. She cried the whole 90 minutes!!!!

Anyway, we arrived just before 23:00 and entered an almost empty airport....a bit strange. I picked up my suitcase from baggage claim and made my way to a cash machine and was ready to go.

I phoned the hostel that I booked for a pickup. It's not that far but, It's after 23:00 and I have to be here very early in the morning as my Atlantic Airways flight leaves at 8:30.  There was some brief confusion about where to meet but, I found the spot between the 7-11 and Danse Bank. They picked me up within about 10 minutes. The drive to the hostel was no more than 5 minutes. The guys who picked me up, who also run the hostel, were very friendly and helpful.

They showed me to my room which was in a separate bulding behing the main house. It was up a spiral staircase which was difficult but, no big problem. They are in the middle of renovation and adding rooms. The rooms are being repainted and have murals on one or more walls. I had Thor's room and as you would guess he and his hammer were taking up most of the wall at the end of my bed. Would I be able to sleep?

They had left when I realized that they had given me no towel. I decided to try to do without.....I've done it before. I've learned alot about make due with whatever you have!

Now, let me tell you - I had read terrible reviews about this place, terrible. I booked it due to it's proximity to the airport and that it was the cheapest thing. Understand that, this is Scandinavia so, cheap isn't cheap. Cheap here is about double what I usually pay for accomodations and it's ratings were at the bottom.

So, my expectations were low. The bathroom (many complaints were listed about it) was a nice bathroom with marble and nice fixtures, just in need of a bit of repair. It wasn't the cleanest but, as I have said before, you  make due.

My bed was comfortable but the pillow was mush. The heat worked and the room was quiet. I didn't sleep well but, I think that I was concerned about making my flight in the morning. I listened to some music to try to good. I finally just turned it off and went to sleep. 

KeikoCreative says:
Congrats Brian!:)
Posted on: Nov 08, 2009
sarahsan says:
Congrats on your featured blog! I enjoyed reading it!
Posted on: Nov 08, 2009
the_bill says:
Congrats on the feature!
Posted on: Nov 08, 2009
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The mural of Thor on the wall of m…
The mural of Thor on the wall of …
He looks insane and his teeth are …
He looks insane and his teeth are…
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