The only Brahma Temple in the World

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I'm staying at the Hotel Paradise City, it is very nice, this is the first hotel that the travel agent booked for me.
it is much nicer than the hotel i booked. Now I'm off to get me first free breakfast. since i don't have any money i won't be eating much, so i'll be depending on these free breakfasts. I've also found that i'm not a big fan of traditional Indian breakfast. I usually a big fan of Indian food, but I'm not diggin' the breakfasts. I'll stick to American breakfasts.
Breakfast was good, just some oatmeal and some pan (bread). I've been feeling sick this morning so i'd hoped the eating would make me better. it didn't help.
We stopped at what pretty much is the world's only Brahma temple. Unfortunately, a combination of pushy people trying to get my money and just plain being overwhelmed made it a less than pleasant experience.
A man was trying to show me around but i had a hard time understanding him and i kinda wished i could have walked in and just did what everybody else did, still amazing, but could have been better. I gave an offering (money) to the Sadu (Holy Man) and he gave me some flower petals. I look at the bricks on the floor and on the walls and pillers and give offering to any that would effect me. If a brick is for luck, i drop a flower there, if a brick is for travelers, i drop a flower there. That was the main room. Then we walked downstairs into a small room that featured statues of Shiva and Parvati. I drop a flower in front of them and continue on. There is a big bell in the room which everybody rings for luck and good fortune. after that, it was over. I tipped the guy who showed me around the temple and was off to the next city.
i wasn't allowed to take any pictures so people will just have to take my word on the whole experience.
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photo by: Stevie_Wes