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the India Gate
Officially this is the 9th for me, woke up around 1pm and went to pay my hotel bill, originally i had planned to stay at this hotel for my whole stay in India but instead of paying for the whole 11 nights i decided to pay cash for a few days at a time.
Paid for 4 nights after the hotel manager put the idea of traveling around more in my head.  the hotel started to set up a tour for me but the car broke down. The hotel manager told me how to get to Connaught place and promised me a car for the next morning and an all day tour. He told me to catch a rickshaw but don't pay more than 60 rupees. Got an auto rickshaw and asked how much, he replied "no problem", i said how much, he said 100 rupees, i said 60!, he agreed and another kid came up laughing and said that's Indian price.
the Streets of Delhi
that kid, who i forgot his name, was very helpful.
He pointed out that the hotel may be scamming my with the tour and suggested that i go to the government run tourist agency in Connaaught Place. The guy, Wahid,  in there was somewhat pushy but after calling Ina, my Uncle Alex's friend, she agreed that it was good itinerary and i excepted his tour plan for me. When I paid them, they could only get $500 out of my bank account. I thought nothing of it. My account is set up to only allow withdraws of $500 per day, i'll pay the rest tomorrow.
Now I'm excited! I'll be traveling around Rasjastan and a little in Utter Pradesh. After leaving the travel agency i went to buy a new phone for the trip and some travel items (toothpaste, shampoo, etc). With the advice of the kid in the auto rickshaw, i went to look at the clothing.

i ended up buying a traditional Indian shirt (i later learned that i got scammed and i could've gotten it alot cheaper elsewhere, but it happens to the best of us). After that i decided it would a bad idea to do any more shopping, i'm already low on money and i haven't been here a whole day. We went to the India gate, saw the presidential palace and then back to the hotel. I canceled my car from the hotel in the morning and decided to watch the Tele. All of the television stations here at this hotel are in Hindi. I watched the News and some cartoon, all in Hindi, maybe I can pick up some of the language. Some commercials are in english. One commercial that disturbed me was one I saw a few times for skin lightener. I will be asking about this.
i ordered some food service.
Aloo Palak (potatoes & spinach), my first meal in India, so I wanted to get something I know I like. mmm I'm hanging in the hotel for the night, it'll be a big day tomorrow, I'm getting a tour of Delhi in the morning from the travel agency and then I'm meeting up with Ina. should be fun.

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the India Gate
the India Gate
the Streets of Delhi
the Streets of Delhi
New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic